Collage images of the largest inflatable aqua park in the world

It's no secret that Dubai has an eye for creating the world’s biggest, tallest and largest.

Recently, Aqua Fun, in association with Ahmed Ben Chaibah and EXPO 2020 Dubai (all UAE) managed to add to Dubai's rich list of records by creating the world's largest inflatable aqua park.

The massive inflatable water park measures 42,200 square metres.

Spanning over 77 metres in length and 33 metres in width, it is filled with bouncy castles, slip 'n slides, trampolines, climbing walls, several slides, running walls, rope swings and many more fun water obstacles.

Aqua Fun opened to the public back in 2016 on JBR Beach. It offers physical entertainment through an obstacle course and is designed to accommodate all age groups.

People playing in the largest inflatable aqua park in Dubai

Aqua Fun is now three times bigger than it was back in 2016. 

The theme park is shaped to form the words “l – ❤️️ – Expo 2020 Dubai”, in celebration of Dubai hosting Expo 2020. 

It features around 100 obstacles and can accommodate around 500 people. The combination of fun challenges and physical activities can burn between 500 to 1,000 calories, according to Aqua Fun.

Aqua Fun aims to break more records by going bigger and by spelling different sentences with the inflatables in future.

The largest inflatable aqua park in the world and located in Dubai

The park's founder, Ahmed Ben Chaibah, is an Emirati entrepreneur who has won various awards such as "Local business of the year" and "Business entrepreneur of the year".

His aim with breaking the record is to showcase the incredible city of Dubai to the world and to emphasize that Dubai is currently hosting the Expo 2020. He hopes to encourage more tourists to visit the UAE.

Aerial view of the largest inflatable aqua park located in Dubai

And as we often do, here is a list of some incredible records achieved in Dubai:

  • Fastest police car in service: Bugatti Veyron, with a top speed of 407 km/h (253 mph)
  • Largest shopping centre (total area): Dubai Mall, located within Downtown Dubai, with an internal floor area of 548,127 m
  • Largest shopping mall aquarium: The aquarium tank in the Dubai Mall holds 10 million litres (2,199,692.48 UK gal, 2,641,720.52 US fluid gal) of water.
  • Longest driverless metro network: The Dubai Metro, with two lines totalling 74.694 km by the Roads and Transport Authority (UAE).