The Trinity River Vision Authority (USA) has slipped into a Guinness World Records title after hundreds of people threw themselves down a huge slip ’n’ slide and travelled a collective distance of 774,515.09 metres (2,541,060 ft) in just 60 minutes.
Each slider is now a record title holder for the Longest distance travelled on a slip and slide in one hour. The distance covered was more than double the length of the UK’s River Thames (346,000 m).
slipe and slide - girls
The TRVA organisation – which is dedicated to revitalising the Trinity River that runs through Fort Worth – completely shattered the previous record of 41,404.42 metres (135,841 ft) that had been held by Shelby Farms Park Conservancy (USA) since July 2014.
The 1,710 ft slip ’n’ slide was located on Panther Island, Texas as part of Fort Worth-themed festival Pantherfest - TRVA’s Shanna Cate said they wanted to “celebrate Fort Worth’s birthday the right way”, and they certainly achieved something memorable.
Prior to the event, people in their hundreds purchased tickets to get their chance to be part of this exhilarating record attempt.
slip and slide - crowd
Fort Worth’s mayor Betsy Price said, “I can’t wait to see people from across the whole city show up to put Forth Worth in the record books as we slide the city!”
Other guests brought water-buckets and water-guns - so everyone got their fair chance at getting splashed and soaked.
In addition to the slip and slide, the festival included beer, music and food (all from Fort Worth), as well as a fireworks display to conclude the slippery celebration.

Photography and hyperlapse: Philip Robertson