A skydive featuring a flag the size of an American football field has set a new record in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The jump on 29 November in celebration of the country’s National Day broke the record for the Largest flag flown while skydiving (parachute jump), and took place at Skydive Dubai’s desert campus with a Guinness World Records adjudicator, sponsors of the project (XDubai, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Dubai Police) and the media in attendance.


For this astonishing achievement, the UAE national flag was chosen to be flown. Measuring 4,885.65 m² (52,588.70 ft²) (similar in size to an American football field excluding the end zones) and with a weight of 95 kilos, the jump was from 9,500 ft above the ground.

For the attempt to succeed, the flag needed to be contained in a bag that was attached to a special military tandem container which was imported from the United states to help attach the bag to the skydiver.

After the official attempt, the flag was flown over the famous manmade palm Jumeirah island on Saturday 1 December as part of the UAE’s weekend of National Day celebrations.


"All we've wanted was to get this flag out, make it look good, and bring another Guinness World Records title to Dubai and to Skydive Dubai," said David Junior Ludvik, Skydive Dubai's head instructor examiner at the Desert Campus DZ.

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