Largest anamorphic painting and record holder with GWR certificate

On April 28, two interactive artworks officially broke two Guinness World Records titles in the scenic spot of Chongqing Bestown in Chongqing's Banan district, China. 

  • The largest anamorphic painting - the artwork "Forest Rhapsody: Forest Adventure" has an area of 5138.606 square meters and was designed by Yang Yongchun, Wu ailing and Zhu Yayun (all China).
  • The longest anamorphic painting - the artwork "Forest Rhapsody: Colourful Forest" is 688.293 meters long and was designed by Yang Yongchun, Wu ailing and Yang Yuanyi (all China).

However, this is not the first time Yang Yongchun has broken a world record. 

Longest anamorphic painting

As one of China’s first professional anamorphic painters, the 45-year-old set the world record for the largest and longest anamorphic painting for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in 2014. 

At that time his record was 2,622.882 square meters and 374.43 meters.

With the support of Chongqing Bang Tian Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing Bestown has featured paintings in the forest since September 2018.

a large butterfly as part of the Longest anamorphic painting

With the help of more than 10 artists, it took nearly half a year to complete the paintings, which were officially released to the public recently.

The overall planning area of the forest in Chongqing Bestown is 1,333 hectares.

Wu Ailing, the founder of Chongqing Bang Tian Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., said they wanted the artwork within Chongqing Bestown because the paintings aim to show the relationship between human civilization and nature - from conflict to harmony.

part of the Longest anamorphic painting meaning Seeding dreams

It also aims to raise awareness of environmental protection and the impact of natural disasters - which the Chongqing region has suffered in the past.

Heavy rainfall in the region led to floods and landslides, devastating the area and splitting the entire side of the mountain into three levels.

In "Forest Rhapsody", Yang uses the new, three-stepped terrain as an advantage, incorporating it into his 3D painting of a forest, which includes a three-segment waterfall.

"This is the most difficult task for me to do, but the team overcame the adverse factors such as rainy weather, steep terrain and large difference in slope protection to finish the work," Yang explained.

yang yunchun and his artwork

"In 3D, everyone is an artist, and every artist is the last stroke of a work of art. The painting can only be done with the participants, and each action of the participants presents a different final version." - Yang Yongchun