The City of Brownsville in Texas, United States, wanted to show how much they care for their inhabitants' pets’ health by motivating their owners to vaccinate their furry friends.

The results of the campaign were so impressive that they even broke a world record along the way.

The city is now the record holder for the most pledges received for a pet vaccination campaign in 24 hours.


1,867 pledges were received from people who wanted to vaccinate their pets, helping the City of Brownsville Public Health Department - Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center (USA) achieve the Guinness World Records title in Brownsville, Texas, USA, from 9-10 December 2022.

The minimum amount for this record was 1,500, the city widely exceeded this goal.


To achieve the record, the City of Brownsville hosted a 12-hour drive through pet vaccination clinic, and offered free serviced to all pet owners for their beloved pets.

For the city, the main goal of the massive pledging count was to help raise awareness about the importance of pet health.


Over 1,000 dogs and cats took part in the record-breaking pledge. Hundreds of people and their pets lined up at the Brownsville Sports Park to take advantage of the free resources.

Many pet owners arrived as early as 6 a.m. that day.

“We would like to thank the citizens for setting aside time to bring their pets to this event. We understand how expensive healthcare for pets is and therefore we took this opportunity to bring this event together”- Helen Ramirez, Interim City Manager, City of Brownsville.

According to pet care providers, diseases such as Parvovirus, Distemper, and Rabies in cats and/or dogs are highly contagious diseases and even fatal. These can all be prevented through proper vaccination. Statistics also show that one in three family pets will get lost during their lifetime, but with modern technology, such as pet microchipping, the likelihood of pets being returned to their owners is increased due to digital tagging.

In addition to pledging, participants of the official attempt were able to get their pets vaccinated onsite.


The city administered over 2,000 vaccines to community pets at the event.

Free microchips or permanent identification monitors were also available to help owners reunite with their pets if they get lost.


The City of Brownsville is not new to the Guinness World Records family. 

On 22 April 2017 the City of Brownsville and the UTHealth School of Public Health achieved the largest huapango dance (a Mexican couple dance that is usually performed on a wooden platform to accentuate the rhythmic beating of heels and toes) with 468 participants at the Brownsville Regional Campus (both USA), in Brownsville, Texas, USA. 


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