Record-breaking pet food donation exceeds expectations by feeding hundreds of pets

By Ana Rahlves
Largest-pet-food-donation-benefits-hundreds-of pets-in-need

These happy pets got more than just a simple doggy bag on National Rescue Dog Day thanks to a paw-some record-breaking campaign.

Handing over an impressive total of 36,750.88 kg (81,021 lb 11 oz) of pet food, Baby Doge and Best Friends Animal Society (both USA) broke the Guinness World Records title for largest donation of pet food in 24 hours in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA, on 20 May.


The record to beat was 4,197.50 kg (9,253 lb 14 oz), which was achieved by Mars Petcare UK on 28 September 2012.

Best Friends Animal Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates a sanctuary for homeless animals and provides adoption and educational programs; and Baby Doge, a cryptocurrency token, smashed the previous record by 32,553.38 kg (71,768.00 lb).


More than 30 shelters hosting over 200 dogs, individuals who foster pets, and the general public, benefited from the record-breaking campaign.

The donation event that lasted eight hours took place during National Rescue Dog Day in the United States, a date that aims to create awareness about the importance of adopting abandoned dogs and supporting local shelters.


One of the main challenges for pets that have been abandoned is that they don’t have proper access to food.

Beneficiaries of the event and their tail wagging dogs drove through the parking lot to load up their cars with the free food.


"The entire Baby Doge community is honored to be a part of a world record and we want to say thank you to Guinness World Records for helping guide us. Attempting to break a world record is no easy task, so having Guinness World Records work right alongside us to help get you to the finish line was huge. The process is designed in a way that ensures the highest level of accuracy and putting everything together can be challenging. Working with our partners at Best Friends Animal Society & becoming the first cryptocurrency community to achieve something like this truly is something for the record books." - Baby Doge spokesperson


Mike Marcotte, a Guinness World Records Adjudicator, was present at the official attempt location to verify the total weight of the food collected and to present the certificate to the organizers.

It took a whole pack of people to collect and weigh the food required to break the world record. Staff and volunteers were on hand during the day of the donations and needed more than four hours to weigh the impressive amount of food donated.


As the famous quote from Charles Chaplin goes, “he who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul”, and record-holders Baby Doge and Best Friends Animal Society have achieved more than feeding hungry animals, they have given hope to an entire community.

Bon A-pet-treat! And congratulations to Baby Doge and Best Friends Animal Society, you are now Officially Amazing!


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