More than one million crayons have been donated to help teachers who often spend their own money on classroom supplies.

The Crayon Collection, a non-profit organisation that supports teachers, the environment, as well as art education, hosted the one million crayon drive donation event at Westfield Culver City in Los Angeles, US, on 11 August.

Crayon 2

As part of the drive to collect partially used crayons for classroom use, organisers attempted the Guinness World Records title for the Most crayons donated to charity in eight hours, needing to surpass the minimum of 250,000.

Most crayons collected in eight hours

According to Crayon Collection’s research, teachers spend $900 out of their own pocket each year on classroom supplies and arts education programmes are greatly underfunded across the US.

In total 1,009,500 crayons were donated and given to more than over 700 teachers who also received an arts curriculum to assist with their upcoming school year.

Most crayons collected in eight hours 3

An official adjudicator was present to count the donated crayons and present the certificate.

The one millionth crayon was counted by Christine Simmons, COO of the WNBA’s LA Sparks basketball team, a big supporter of the Crayon Collection.

"Today was epic, it was a dream come true to see the face of these teachers have a little relief from all the spending they are forced to do on a daily basis at their schools. We’re so proud and honored to serve this community in the way that we did today," Sheila Morovati, Crayon Collection Co-Founder and President.

Artist Yassi Mazandi constructed a maze out of the boxed one million crayons which was deconstructed as they were given away to teachers in attendance.

Most crayons collected in eight hours 4

California State Senator Henry Stern was on hand to help celebrate the drive and present Sheila with a Senate Certificate of Recognition.

"Crayon Collection has managed to solve two big problems at once - reducing pollution and helping to lighten the load on our overburdened teachers. As a former teacher and environmental attorney, I am so grateful there are people like Sheila out there leading the way," Henry Stern.

In addition to the record, dozens of chilren participated in the Crayon Collection’s The Color Kindness Program, re-bagging donated crayons for other children, and including a handwritten note of kindness.

Most crayons collected in eight hours 2

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