On World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2019, 2,499 people amassed in Townsville, Australia, to attempt the record for the most people wearing high-visibility vests

The official Guinness World Records attempt was organized by Mental Health Australia to want to help "make mental health visible".

But breaking the record in Townsville was about more than raising awareness for mental health.

In February 2019, the city of Townsville experienced a massive “once in a hundred-year flood” with a repair bill to homes and businesses of over $1.25 billion. More than 4,000 houses suffered water damage and about 1,500 buildings were declared unsafe to live in.


With the people of Townsville recovering from their physical and mental hardships, it was important to emphasise the importance of community.

Mental Health Australia, in partnership with tools and hardware chain Bunnings Warehouse, used the high visibility vests to raise awareness on World Mental Health Day 2019. 

Bunnings Warehouse hardware store in the suburb of Idalia was also severely damaged by the flood and had been actively involved in rebuilding the community.

Most people wearing high-visibility vests-body-2.jpg

The record attempt took place in the Bunnings Warehouse car park and the company had also donated more than 3,000 high visibility vests to the cause.

Most people wearing high-visibility vests-adjudicator.jpg

With the support of over 30 local organizations and businesses, the record-breaking effort truly became a community achievement, doing more than just making mental health more visible.

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