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Guinness World Records (GWR) made its speaker session debut at Event360 on Thursday 31 May, alongside a roster of leading brands such as Cadbury's, The Economist and Jack Morton. 

Hosted at London's County Hall, GWR shared findings from research commissioned in partnership with C&IT magazine, titled 'Actually doing good vs being seen as good'

Organised by Haymarket, Event360 is the annual creative forum for event and brand experiences with the content programme shaped by leading publications C&IT Event and Campaign. 

The opening keynote session led by Paul O'Neill, Guinness World Records' VP of Creative, exclusively revealed upcoming trends and industry insights evidenced on how corporate social responsibility contributes towards engaging audiences and creating an impactful experience. 

Paul showcased some of the most innovative uses of record-breaking in the MICE sector including employee engagement events from US based retailer Aaron's (Largest human mattress dominoes) and global consumer manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser, in addition to the successful Largest T-shirt attempt by the Plastindia Foundation to demonstrate the value of recycling on a large scale.

The big takeaways from the content session were that 61% of UK event professionals have seen a rise in the importance of CSR in their events and that agencies are falling behind brands in pushing the CSR agenda.

Typically, nearly all of the brands said CSR was important, whereas the agencies were less sure and therefore a possibly missing a little bit of a trick.

It was also revealed that delegates felt CSR enhances engagement at an event, with almost 90% agreeing that it did.

Paul O'Neill, VP of Creative at Guinness World Records, said:

"The demand for CSR related record attempts had tripled in the past 3 years and we wanted to see if this upwards curve was supported by the MICE sector, which the survey results reinforced. Company's need to choose a cause that has relevance and meaning to their employees, which will give the event a real sense of purpose and authenticity."

For further information of these finding from Guinness World Records research, the white paper will be available on C&IT's website from the week commencing Monday 11 June.

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