Charitable organisation Sian Chay Medical Institution, Ang Mo Kio GRC & Sengkang West SMC CCCs and Neo Garden recently set a charming new Guinness World Records title in honour of Mother’s Day in Singapore.
A team of 20 people spent around six hours putting together the world’s Largest artificial flower bouquet.
Creating the largest artificial flower bouquet 
The team placed 41,249 blooms of bright pink Kangnaixin flowers in the shape of a giant heart.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Paulina Sapinska confirmed that the record-breaking bouquet measured an impressive 37.2 metres around the perimeter, 13 metres across and 9.5 metres in depth.
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GWR adjudicator checking largest artificial flower bouquet 
The attempt was organised by the organisations to raise awareness about their services in the region and increase the morale of their employees.
Mr Toh Soon Huat, Chairman, Sian Chay Medical Institution was really happy with the result:
The Guinness World Records title attempt was unprecedented in our 116 years of history. We are indeed proud to establish this Guinness World Records achievement as an impetus to the international movement in tribute to our maternal love of our Mothers.