A bid to drive volunteer bone marrow donors has resulted in a super-sized cotton wool bud setting a new world record for the Largest Q-tip.
Having decided to achieve an incredibly large record to promote World Marrow Donor Day earlier this month, the Gift of Life Marrow Registry set out to create a huge Q-tip as the symbol for the cause as cotton wool buds are used to swab the inner cheek, which gathers cells of potential donors. 
Largest Cotton Bud (q-tip) 
After being measure by official adjudicator Michael Furnari, the mammoth structure was declared 18 ft and 8.3 inches long during an unveiling event in the center of Columbus Circle, and iconic spot location near Central Park in the greater New York City area. 
Largest Cotton Bud (q-tip)6
Present at the unveiling were advocates of the organization, such as CEO and Founder Jay Feinberg, Chairman Bill Begall, campus chapter ambassadors, volunteers, and potential donors. 
Largest Cotton Bud (q-tip)4
World Marrow Donor Day celebrates all donors, family or unrelated, who have given marrow to patients in need. 
The holiday doubles as a way of raising awareness to the public about becoming stem cell donors, as well as the significance that a blood stem cell transplants can have on those in need of receiving one. 
Largest Cotton Bud (q-tip)5
Earning a Guinness World Records title is an appropriate triumph for the registry’s cause, as 50% of patients who need marrow transplants find their perfect match in another nation. 
This feat was one of several events that took place around the world for World Marrow Donor Day to thank the 28 million donors in 55 countries in 2016. 
Largest Cotton Bud (q-tip)3