Rise Against Hunger New York City Attempt On World Food Day

International hunger relief group, Rise Against Hunger, has used this year’s World Food Day to celebrate their 20th anniversary and demonstrate that achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 - a goal set by the Food and Agricultural Organization of The United Nations (FAO) - is in fact a possibility.

The FAO designated 16 October 2018 as World Food Day to encourage governments, individuals, and organisations to help combat chronic hunger, which currently affects a staggering 821 million people around the world. 

To raise awareness for the cause, Rise Against Hunger initiated a global attempt of the Most people assembling hunger relief packages simultaneously (multiple venues). 

World Food Day Rise Against Hunger NYC attempt

The organisation arranged food-packaging events in schools worldwide, where students, parents and teachers assembled pre-packaged meals together for an official record attempt.  

Events were simultaneously held in various locations ranging from New York City, Washington D.C, and Houston to South Africa, India and the Philippines, with each having an official adjudicator on-site to verify the attempts.

Adjudicator photo at Rise Against Hunger NYC attempt

With great enthusiasm and support from everyone involved, those at each location completed their attempt and patiently awaited the results. 

Rise Against Hunger NYC during attempt

Later that day, it was announced that Rise Against Hunger successfully broke the record with a total of 832 people in just five minutes, showing the tremendous teamwork and community engagement required.

Rise Against Hunger’s record-breaking initiative resulted in a total of 4,992 meals collectively that will be distributed to countries around the world to help combat world hunger, hopefully helping to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. 

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