The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and the Days for Girls organization has achieved a new record for Most personal hygiene kits assembled in one hour after volunteers put together an impressive 5,110 sets at doTERRA's annual convention. 

Though the record was for the duration of the hour, the 301 volunteers who assembled the kits finished in the first 36 minutes and 41 seconds before running out of components. 

Most personal hygiene kits assembled in one hour 2

Members of both participating groups wanted to create these kits to assist women in developing countries with their menstrual cycle, who often miss work or school due to lack of resources. 

The first group of 200 will be delivered to girls and women in Kenya in November.

Most items in the kits were hand-sewn, taking organizers several months to prepare.

Most personal hygiene kits assembled in one hour 4

Volunteers from all over the United States helped by collecting 5,000 drawstring bags, 20,000 shields, and 40,000 liners. 

Record attempt participants at the doTERRA convention also brought with them donations of washcloths, underwear, and soap to include in the kits. 

After receiving the final count, an official adjudicator announced the achievement to the general assembly, which consisted of thousands of doTERRA marketers and members. 

Most personal hygiene kits assembled in one hour 5

Days for Girls has distributed feminine hygiene kits to 3rd world women in villages and rural areas in over one hundred countries from Kenya to Nepal, along with education and encouragement.

As of this weekend, they have distributed over 800,000 kits worldwide. 

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