Record-breaking organizations that made history for a cause

New records are set all over the world for a variety of reasons. 

Whether it’s to highlight a key message, celebrate a milestone, unite communities around a common goal, or become officially recognized as “the best” in a specific subject or field, the power of record-breaking can be utilized in many ways. 

That’s why during the height of “give back” season, record attempts that focus on raising awareness and/or funds for an important cause are more prevalent than ever.

These next three organizations brought epic record-breaking activations to their local communities, each in support of a unique cause, and the results were historic. 

Check out these “feel good” record achievements that showcase the holiday spirit!

Record TitleMost “no sew” fleece blankets made in 8 hours (team)

Record Holders: Fleece & Thank You (USA)

Date of Achievement: September 21, 2019

Most 'no sew' fleece blankets made in 8 hours (team) attempt 

According to Nicholas Kristock, founder of non-profit organization, Fleece & Thank You, each year in Michigan alone, around 30,000 children will spend at least one night in a hospital.

To help alleviate this issue, Fleece & Thank You creates and donates fleece blankets along with sending supportive video messages to children admitted to hospitals.  

For its third annual “Make A Blanket Day”, the organization decided to host an official record attempt for the most “no sew” fleece blankets made in 8 hours (team) to raise awareness for the cause and increase the turnout at this year’s event.

The event took place on 21 September at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills, Michigan where over 90 stations filled with attempt materials were set up on the school field in preparation for the attempt.   

Crowds of community members filtered in throughout the day to take part in the record-breaking action by creating full fleece blankets from the raw materials provided by organizers.  

After seven hours, the attempt concluded and adjudicator, Brittany Dunn, confirmed that Fleece & Thank You had achieved the title with a total of 2,107 fleece blankets that will all be donated to 21 hospitals within the Detroit area.

Record TitleMost people in an online video chain passing a football

Record Holders: Play and Give, Charity Ball, TD Bank and Garden City Centennial Soccer Club (all USA)

Date of Achievement: September 15, 2019

Most people in an online video chain passing a football record attempt 

Play and Give founder, Matt Tepper, was looking for a unique way to raise awareness and funds for its partner Charity Ball - a non-profit organization providing new quality soccer balls to children in poverty-stricken communities around the world - amongst his local community in Garden City, Long Island. 

One day, as Matt and his son flipped through the pages of a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ book, Matt conceived the idea to explore an official soccer record attempt to meet his objectives.

After working with the GWR creative consultancy team, a new online based record title for the most people in an online video chain passing a football was created.

On the event day, children from the community along with their families gathered in Garden City to participate in the record attempt and learn more about Charity Ball’s mission.  

After 421 individuals successfully performed their part of the attempt, onsite video editors quickly put the final video together which was later that day confirmed to be an official record achievement!   

Throughout the day, customized soccer balls were also sold onsite to raise money for the organization which was donated to Charity Ball following the event. 

Watch the full video at 3x speed below! 

Record TitleMost people breaking bread

Record Holders: The Journey Home – Baltimore (USA)

Date of Achievement: October 4, 2019 

 Most people breaking bread record attempt

To take steps toward breaking the cycle of poverty in Baltimore, The Journey Home – Baltimore set out to break an official record title for the most people breaking bread.

Aiming to show the city’s residents what can be achieved when a community comes together around a common goal, the organization invited city residents of all economic statuses to Center Plaza in Baltimore to break bread together in pursuit of a record achievement as well as its mission of making homelessness rare and brief.

More than 500 Baltimore city residents joined on the day of the event to be a part of this historic moment.

With the support of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood as a food sponsor along with individual volunteers who joined to help facilitate the attempt, the record was confirmed successful and onsite Adjudicator, Christina Flounders-Conlon, announced that The Journey Home - Baltimore had achieved the title with a total of 478 people!

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