A huge gathering of lottery winners assembled at an event in London today to attempt some exciting records.
The National Lottery hosted the event at Bernie Spain Gardens in London, UK today, and invited all their winners to take part in two successful Guinness World Records title attempts for the Largest gathering of lottery millionaires and the Longest champagne cork popping relay.
The celebration was to mark 21 years since the beginning of the National Lottery, a period which has seen it create 4,000 lucky millionaires worth a whopping £11.5 billion with an average of six new millionaires created every week.
A total of 110 millionaires were counted into the attempt zone and consequently became record holders on top of lucky Lottery winners.
Later in the day, the guests lined up and participated in the longest cork popping relay ever, opening 285 bottles of fizz in seamless succession.  
Under the rules for the record, each person needed to pop their prosecco cork within 15 seconds of the last person in order to accomplish the record.
Determined to achieve the title, a spokesperson for the National Lottery explained that the use of prosecco was a tactical choice, as the drink has a less explosive ‘pop’ than other sparkling wines.
A National Lottery spokesperson said: “Creating 4,000 millionaires is an amazing achievement but setting two new Guinness World Records titles has given us even more reason to celebrate.  A lot of preparation has gone into today’s attempts and we’re absolutely delighted our winners have been successful in making history”.
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