To celebrate selling one million Exciter motorcycles, Yamaha Motor Vietnam decided to organise a record-breaking event that would be sure to thrill the country’s bikers.

At Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Yamaha set up three Guinness World Records title attempts and invited hundreds of motorbike enthusiasts to take part.

Two of the challenges were successful and led to new records.

First up was an attempt at forming the Largest human image of a motorcycle and, naturally, the organisers chose to recreate the Yamaha Exciter vehicle – but on a supersize scale.

Largest human image of a motorcycle: Participants getting into formation

A minimum of 250 people were needed for the debut attempt at this title, but the bikers smashed that total with an incredible 1,325 people.

The participants wore matching blue outfits in order to create a block colour image, as required by the Guinness World Records guidelines.

Yamaha Motor Vietnam GWR event

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The second challenge was the Largest motorcycle logo/image, with an impressive 554 motorbikes creating the Yamaha Exciter celebration logo.

Yamaha Exciter celebration logo

Guinness World Records adjudicator Swapnil Dangarikar was on hand to verify these records and announce the achievements to the party.

Certificate presentation