split images of Dmytro pulling minibus with beard

Mere months after achieving his last two world records, strongman Dmytro Hrunskyi has set three more.

The 35-year-old from Dnipro, Ukraine, performed all three feats of strength on the same day using his beard, neck, and teeth:

  • Heaviest vehicle pulled by the beard – 2,580 kg (5,687 lb)
  • Heaviest vehicle pulled by the neck – 7,760 kg (17,107 lb)
  • Most cars pulled with the teeth – 7

Dmytro’s record attempts can be seen below in the latest episode of our YouTube series Records Weekly.

Dmytro’s first attempt at pulling a vehicle with his beard took place in 2019 but ended in failure after his beard hairs were pulled out.

Over the following years, he grew his beard longer and experimented with new ways of braiding it to make it as strong and rope-like as possible.

This time around, his beard remained intact while he pulled a 2.58-tonne minibus to break the previous record of 1,952 kg (4,303 lb), set 10 years ago by Antanas Kontrimas (Lithuania).

Dmytro with tow rope attached to beard

After performing the beard pull, Dmytro swiftly moved on to his second record attempt of the day – pulling a 7.7-tonne truck with his neck.

Dmytro had already set the record for the heaviest train pulled by the neck (32,500 kg; 71,650 lb) in 2022, so he was confident he could perform a similar feat with a road vehicle.

Dmytro’s face turned red as the tow rope strangled his neck while he pulled the truck, but he was able to cover the required five-metre distance to become the first person to achieve this Guinness World Records title.

Dmytro pulling a truck with his neck

Finally, Dmytro broke his own record for the most cars pulled with the teeth. He pulled seven taxi cabs, surpassing his previous total of six.

Not only did he pull seven cars, but he also pulled seven men, as each car had a driver inside.

Although the cars were in neutral gear and the engines were off, the drivers were needed to ensure the cars stayed in a straight line.

Dmytro standing in front of 7 cars

The total weight of the cars plus the drivers was 8,784 kg (19,365 lb).

Just like his other record attempts, Dmytro was required to pull the cars over a distance of at least five metres.

Dmytro also holds the record for the fastest 30-metre car pull with the teeth (15.63 sec), which he achieved in August last year.

I dedicate these records to my country and our soldiers - Dmytro

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