Most rear pull ups in one minute record smashed by computer engineer

By Connie Suggitt

Rain Chua Qin Lei, from Singapore, has achieved a new record for the most rear pull ups in one minute, achieving 38.

The 26-year-old computer software engineer attempted the record in Toa Payoh Central, Singapore, on 30 September 2018.

What is a rear pull up? A rear pull up the the same a regular pull up, but instead of your head being behind the bar it has to be in front of it. 

Rain explained that he attempted the record to inspire others. 

"My inspiration comes from motivating everyone to stay fit and be the best they can be. I want to motivate people around me that nothing is impossible."

He is a part of Bar Brothers, a group who aim to stay fit through body weight exercises only. The team trains together every Sunday, and sometimes participate in competitions, however the main goal is to foster community spirit. 

"The main objective is  to connect with like-minded people around the nation and exchange pointers in our field of expertise."

"It's really an honour to be able to break the Guinness World Records title. However, I would take this opportunity to thank all my friends who are on this fitness journey together with me. Without them, I would not be where I am today. They are the reasons that I would always go to training and give my best during training, even when we are not feeling our 100%."

However it seems Rain's record-breaking journey is just beginning. He's set on achieving the record for most clap pull ups in one minute (male), placing it as his goal for the year. 

At the same time, he is also mentoring his friends for other records, including most pull ups in one minute and most burpee pull ups in one minute (male).

So watch this space, it seems the Bar Brothers are set on becoming a record-breaking fitness team!

History of the record 

The history of the record began four years ago, perhaps inspired by the long standing most pull ups in one minute record. 

  • This record was first set in 2015 by Jamshid Turaev (Uzbekistan) with 23
  • The record was then broken in March 2017 by Daniel Barton (USA) who managed 28
  • Six months later, Ron Cooper (USA) achieved 30 
  • The USA record-breaking streak continued with Klint Newton, who achieved 32, before he was over taken by Jaeho Lee (South Korea)
  • Rain has now clinched the record from Jaeho Lee, who previously held the record with 37 pull ups