You might be able to flip a pancake, but could you ever roll a frying pan?

We’re talking rolling up an aluminium frying pan with your BARE hands.

The incredible feat is a breeze for strongwoman Kathleen Krausse (Germany), a professional strongwoman with serious grip strength who can roll frying pans like they're tortillas.


She attempted to see how many she could do on the set of CCTV Guinness World Records Special in China in 2015. But how many did she achieve in one minute?

After a tense 60 seconds, Kathleen managed to roll seven frying pans, officially earning the title for most frying pans rolled in one minute (female).

Kathleen has held the record ever since – that’s over five years of no one challenging her title!

She took the record for record from Linsey Lindberg a.k.a. "Mama Lou" (USA) who rolled six frying pans in 2014.


Previously, Anete Florczyk (Poland) held the record with five frying pans, and originally set the record back in February 2008 with four frying pans on the set of Lo show dei record in Madrid, Spain.

Steven Weiner (USA) holds the male record with 14 frying pans rolled in one minute. The male record was originally set in 2010, two years after the female record.


Neither Kathleen nor Steven hold the record for the tightest frying pan roll, however, which was achieved by Scott Murphy (USA).

In 30 seconds, he was able to roll a 30 cm (12 in) aluminium frying pan, with his bare hands, to a circumference of 17.46 cm (6.87 in).

However all of these record holders may struggle to roll the largest frying pan ever, which is a staggering 6.72 m (22 ft 0.5 in) in diameter. The huge pan was created by Edirne Belediyesi (Turkey).