split image of Dmytro pulling cars

Soon after setting a world record for the heaviest train pulled by the neck (32,500 kg; 71,650 lb) in 2022, Dmytro Hrunskyi grit his teeth and began training to pull vehicles with his mouth.

And now, a year later, the 34-year-old from Ukraine has successfully broken two records (and remarkably, zero teeth):

  • Most cars pulled with the teeth – 6
  • Fastest 30-metre car pull with the teeth – 15.63 seconds

The first record belonged to Troy Conley-Magnusson (Australia), who pulled five cars with his teeth in 2021. The second record was held by Saleh Yazan (Syria), who performed a 30-metre car pull in 18.13 seconds in 2022.

Not only did Dmytro pull six cars with his teeth, but he also pulled six men, as each car had a driver inside.

The cars were in neutral gear and the engines were off, but they required drivers to gently steer them to ensure that they stayed in a straight line.

The total weight of all six cars and drivers was 7,604 kg (16,763 lb). The fact that Dmytro was able to move this tremendous weight with his teeth is a testament to his incredible mandible strength, not to mention the fine work of his dentist!

Dmytro pulling cars

For the fastest 30-metre car pull with the teeth record attempt, Dmytro pulled a taxi cab weighing 1,040 kg (2,293 lb), far exceeding the 900 kg minimum requirement. With the driver inside, the total weight was 1,100 kg (2,425 lb).

Dmytro covered the distance at a rapid pace, shaving two and a half seconds off the previous record.

Dmytro standing in front of cars

Dmytro says he intends to keep breaking world records, and he’s already planning to break his own one by pulling seven cars with his teeth.

“My hobby is extreme power tricks, and my goal is to be a multiple record holder,” he said.

“I dedicate this record to my country, Ukraine, which has been fighting for more than a year and does not give up.”

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