split image Troy pushing a ferris wheel

Using his bare hands, Australian strongman Troy Conley-Magnusson has spun an entire Ferris wheel around in just 16 minutes 55 seconds.

Not only did Troy, 39, set a record for the fastest time to rotate a Ferris wheel by hand, but he also raised over AU$15,500 (£8,270; $10,300) for the charity Little Wings, which helps critically ill children and their families.

Troy attempted this record to honour the memory of 11-year-old Zac, who sadly passed away last year after battling eye cancer.

“He was the strongest 11-year-old I’d ever met and my absolute hero,” Troy said.

“This record is dedicated to his memory and strength which far outweighs mine.”

In order to successfully achieve this record, the Ferris wheel used must have a minimum of 24 gondolas, with each one weighing a minimum of 700 kg (1,543 lb). The total weight of the structure must be at least 45,000 kg (99,208 lb).

The Ferris wheel was put into “freewheeling” mode, meaning that the hydraulics and brakes were disengaged. The wheel was not powered in any way, so Troy was required to use his sheer strength alone to turn it.

“This is by far one of the hardest physical and mental challenges I have ever undertaken, and I’d done some pretty extreme feats of strength over the years,” Troy said.

“This was different; something that had never been done before and something that required 100% commitment of mind and body.”

This is a new record title, meaning there was no previous record holder. Thus, a challenging time to beat was put in place: 30 minutes. However, this proved no challenge at all for Troy, who rotated the wheel in just over half that time.

Troy pulling a gondola

Troy is the founder of Pull 4 Purpose, a group of strongmen dedicated to “performing truly world class feats of strength” and raising money for “those who need it most.”

This is his fourth Guinness World Records title. His other three are:

  • Most cars pulled with the teeth: 5
  • Heaviest vehicle pushed over 100 ft: 11,770 kg (25,948.40 lb)
  • Fastest 20 metre light aircraft pull with the teeth: 15.31 seconds

Troy’s record attempts “reflect the constant struggle and fight that kids with critical injuries and illness go through.”

Troy pushing Ferris wheel gondola

Troy is familiar with the struggles faced by sick children because he used to be one himself. Aged four, Troy was almost killed after suffering a ruptured kidney.

The life-saving medical help he received, in addition to the kindness he experienced from strangers, inspired Troy to help other children and families in similar situations.

Over the course of his previous record attempts, Troy has raised AU$66,000 (£35,200; $44,100) for the Hyundai Help for Kids initiative, which supports the charity Little Wings, in addition to Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia.

Troy plans to break even more records in the future, putting his strength to the test to raise more money and awareness for those in need.

“With much more to come in 2023 I’m excited to see the difference we can make.” - Troy

Troy standing in front of ferris wheel

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