split image of largest doughnut cake and nick digiovanni and lynn davis with largest doughnut cake

Nick DiGiovanni and Lynja are at it again with one sweet treat!

You may recognize Nick DiGiovanni (USA) and Lynn Davis (Japan) from their viral cooking videos on TikTok.  

Lynn’s (aka Lynja’s) channel cookingwithlynja has 17.3 million followers and 301.6m likes, while Nick’s channel nick.digiovanni has 11.4 m followers and 346.4m likes.  

In the past, the two culinary artists have come together to create the world’s largest cake pop, the world’s largest chicken nugget, and the world’s largest sushi roll (width)

But now they have joined forces to create the sweetest record-breaking cuisine of all time: the world’s largest doughnut cake

In order to break the record title, Nick and Lynn had to find the perfect doughnut to replicate. 

“After lots of deliberation, and even a bit of arguing, we finally settled on the one: the iconic pink frosted Homer Simpson-style doughnut,” said Nick. 

However, when searching the internet for inspiration, Nick and Lynn came across something called a doughnut cake. 

“A perfect harmony of doughnut and cake: two of the best foods in the entire world,” said Nick. 

This big question is: Can it break an official world record?

So, Nick and Lynn got straight to work to find out. 

To create the doughnut cake, they started with some oil, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, five pounds of sour cream, and homemade vanilla extract. 


After locking it into their giant mixer, they began to blend the ingredients together. 

To finish it off, the duo added some powder, cocoa powder, and steaming hot coffee before mixing once again. 

“Coffee boosts the chocolate flavour in baked goods,” said Lynn. 

Ready to start baking, Nick and Lynn filled 100 trays to prepare the sweet treat.

After lots of baking, it was finally time to assemble the doughnut cake. 

“This attempt will be judged by Brittany, a Guinness World Records Adjudicator,” said Nick. 

We also have Dennis, the health inspector, to make sure that the food is handled properly.


With just eight hours to finish the cake, Nick and Lynn began creating what would be the equivalent of 1,500 regular doughnuts. 

All the sheet cakes were cut in half and the base was covered with buttercream frosting. 

Each layer of the doughnut was then covered with six sheet cakes. 

The edges of the sheet cakes were trimmed, although not one bit of food was thrown out. 

“None of this cake today will be going to waste,” said Nick. 

We’ll be donating all the food through Farmlink later on today. 


The process of layering the sheet cakes was then repeated an additional 10 times. 

After chilling the doughnut for one hour, the duo added another three layers to the cake. 

The cake was then chilled again, and more buttercream was spread throughout. 

In order for the record to be valid, the doughnut cake had to measure at least one foot high. 

Running a bit behind schedule and with only three hours left to complete the doughnut cake, Nick and Lynn used stencils to begin carving the doughnut cake and giving it its round shape. 

A hole was then carved into the middle of the doughnut.


“I’ll be honest, my arms are getting pretty tired,” said Nick. 

This is what it takes to get a world record.

As the doughnut cake began to take its shape, Nick started to knead together some of the cake and frosting scraps and mold them onto the doughnut. 

Even more frosting was then added on to the doughnut before placing it back into the refrigerator so that fondant could be laid on top. 

“The fondant is what’s going to lay across the doughnut and make it perfectly smooth,” said Nick. 

And at the very end, probably the coolest part of the day will be airbrushing it to give some colour and also dumping frosting across the top.


The fondant was then rolled out through a machine and laid carefully across the doughnut before Nick and Lynn began airbrushing it. 

After multiple coats and colours to achieve the classic, realistic doughnut look, Nick and Lynn began to pour on the pink glaze. 

“At this point, it’s time to channel our inner Salt Bae and add a bunch of sprinkles to finish it off,” said Nick. 

The doughnut’s final weight was confirmed as 225 pounds 15 oz (102.50 kg), making it a brand-new Guinness World Records title for the largest doughnut cake – a feat that is Officially Amazing!


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