Last weekend at the Rohvolution raw food festival in Germany, Essentis Biohotel Berlin celebrated its fifth anniversary and encouraged healthy eating by making the Largest vegan cake in the world.
The delicious creation weighed a whopping 338,9 kg (857 lb 6.04 oz) and measured 1.60 x 3.10 metres.
Containing no animal produce of any kind, the supersized cake consisted of 108kg pitted dates, 67.5kg mixed nuts and raisins, 81kg hazelnuts, 27kg coconut oil and 16.5kg cocoa powder – with all the ingredients sourced from local producers.
Largest vegan cake close up
A dedicated team of 31 people helped the hotel’s vegan kitchen to prepare the cake over a course of 26 hours.
Tobias Grimm, Manager at Essentis Biohotel, commented: “You are what you eat — And this world record attempt will make many people aware of healthy eating, besides, our cake is going to be a hit!”
Largest vegan cake certificate
Guinness World Records adjudicator Lena Kuhlmann attended the event to verify the impressive record and present the hotel with an offical certificate recognising their success.
Following the attempt, visitors to the Rohvolution festival were able to take away a piece of the healthy treat.
Largest vegan cake serving