A Vietnamese food company that specialises in instant food such as noodles and rice, has broken the record for the Largest serving of noodle soup with a steaming serving of beef pho to celebrate its 55th anniversary.

The colossal cup of soup made by VIFON weighed in at 1,359 kg (2,996 lb 1.3 oz) - that's the same weight as 187 bowling balls! 

The cup itself was a custom made bowl that was 2.1 m in diameter and 1.2 m high, weighing 545 kg (1,201 lb 8.3oz).


The record was achieved outside VIFON's offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 21 July with a team of 31 co-coordinating the event.

Dignitaries, local politicians, business owners and celebrities attended the event - even Miss Universe Vietnam, H'Hen Niê, was in attendance! 


The huge noodle soup required 55 chefs to produce the final product, and of course required a mass of ingredients.


What goes into over one tonne of instant Pho?

  • Dried pho 152.57 kg (336 lb 5.7 oz) from 1,963 packets
  • Fresh brisket beef 58.89 kg (129 lb 13.3 oz)
  • Mixed spicy seasoning (including salt, sugar, clove, chilli, sweet basil) 19.63 kg (43 lb 4.4 oz)
  • Hot water 1118.91 kg (2466 lb 12.34 oz)

An official Guinness World Records adjudicator was present to oversee the attempt.


After the announcement that the record was successful, there was an official certificate presentation.


Adjudicator Brian Sobel, was pleased with how the record attempt went and the preparedness and professionalism of VIFON.

"Both the CEO and owner of VIFON were extremely happy with the day. One of their company slogans is to 'reach very far', meaning to have as widespread of an influence on the world as they can via their instant noodles. Today’s record attempt was a step towards reaching even further!"

Once the record had been confirmed, the noodle soup was distributed into 1,963 individual servings and consumed by VIFON employees and guests.

The number 1,963 was used for a number of measurements because it represented the year the company was founded.


With their base of the beef pho noodle soup, guests then added any fresh ingredient they wanted, such as chilli sauce, herbs and beansprouts. 

noodle close up

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