A huge meat dish weighing more than 280 kg and stretching more than 80 square metres has been unveiled in Spain.

The Largest serving of Cecina has been achieved by Consejo Regulador Indicación Geográfica Protegida (IGP) Cecina de León with the final dish weighing 283.10 kg (624 lb 2 oz) and covering more than 80 square meters.

Cecina de León is beef that has been cured for at least seven months through a process of salting, washing, settling and drying before it's sliced thinly and eaten raw.

67 professional carvers used a traditional León technique to cut the cecina at an event organised by the Consejo Regulador IGP Cecina de León to promote the regional delicacy.


The event was held in Plaza de la Regla, in front of the León Cathedral on 27 May.

After the record had been confirmed, the Cecina was collected and sold to the public with the money earned distributed by the city council to local charities.

"Thanks to all those who have made this Guinness World Records title possible, which contributes to promoting the city and the province through an emblematic product such as our cecina," Antonio Silvan, Mayor of León.


Cecina de León has a Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI), which the Consejo Regulador IGP Cecina de León enforce.

PGI means that Cecina de León must be traditionally and at least partially manufactured (prepared, processed or produced) within León to carry the official name.

There is also Cecina de Vegacervera, which follows the same process but with goat meat instead of beef.


Adjudicator Victor Fenes was impressed by the level of professionalism and the good spirited nature of the participating carvers.

"The carvers were a very dedicated and knit-tight group of people who did a great job while enjoying the event," he said.

Mayor of Leon, Antonio Silva hold the certificate aloft alongside President of the IGP Cecina de Leon, José Luis Nieto (right)

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