split image of largest cake pop

You may recognise Nick DiGiovanni (USA) and Lynn Davis (Japan) from their viral cooking videos on TikTok.  

Lynn’s (aka Lynja’s) channel cookingwithLynja has 8.8 million followers and 142.4m likes, while Nick’s channel nick.digiovanni has 8.2 m followers and 228.2m likes.  

So who better to join forces to create some record-breaking cuisine? 

The pair teamed up to create the world’s largest cake pop, breaking the record with a weight of 44.24 kg (97 lb 8.52 oz) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on 23 November 2021. 

They decided to go for a confetti cake pop, with white icing and coloured sprinkles (five cups of sprinkles, to be exact).  

The colossal cake had a circumference of 50.75 inches (128.90 cm) and included a 33 inch (83.82 cm) stick.  

"THANK YOU!!!!!! We are so so so excited. Couldn't have done this all without the help of the entire GWR team!" – Nick DiGiovanni

As you can imagine, creating such a huge sweet treat took a LOT of ingredients.  

The recipe list for this attempt included; 

  • 32 boxes of cake mix  
  • 5.5 cartons of liquid egg (equivalent to 99 liquid eggs) 
  • 16 cups (2.72 kg) of oil 
  • 16 blocks of cream cheese 
  • 10 bags of powdered sugar (0.930kg per bag) 
  • 2 sticks butter 
  • 5 cups (0.925 kg) rainbow sprinkles 
  • 35 cups (6.825 kg) of water 
  • 16 tbsp of Nick’s homemade vanilla extract 
  • 6 tsp meringue powder 

To create the moldable cake base, they had to first bake sheet cakes, then crumble them up and combine the sponge with cream cheese.  

lynja with the cake sponge

They had a bespoke mold made for the record-breaking cake pop, which they pushed all of the cake mix into until it was nice and compact.  

Once the cake filling was ready and stuffed inside the spherical mound, it was frozen overnight using dry ice to ensure it retained its shape for the later, sweeter, icing process. 

When the frozen cake was free of the mold, it was time to ice it and add the sprinkles. Once they were finished decorating, it was time for it to be weighed.

cake mix in mold

After the record-breaking weight was confirmed, Nick and Lynn distributed the cake pop to friends to make sure none was wasted.  

"We took it to friends and family, medical aids, and a sports team! We also saved some in our freezer for snacking throughout the holiday season. None is going to waste at all," Nick said.  

The extra, unused ingredients, including almost 50 boxes of cake mix, were donated to a local food bank. 

We’re excited to see if this dynamic duo reunite for another record-breaking food attempt, or to see if anyone challenges their record. 

However, Lynja has a word of warning for those looking to make their own mega cake pop... 

"Don't even think about breaking our record!" - Lynja

lynja pointing at cake pop with Nick