split image of Fayis drinking Capri Sun

The hotly contested world record for the fastest time to drink a Capri Sun has been reclaimed by Fayis Nazer (India).

With a time of 8.02 seconds, Fayis is the first person to do it in under 10 seconds.

He shaved over two seconds off the previous record of 10.41 seconds, set by André Ortolf (Germany) in December 2022. Fayis had achieved the record for the first time earlier that year with a time of 11.86 seconds.

@guinnessworldrecords Fastest time to drink a Capri Sun 🥤⏱️ 8.02 secs by Fayis Nazer 🇮🇳 #caprisun#guinnessworldrecords♬ original sound - Guinness World Records

To successfully achieve this record, the challenger must start with both hands placed on the table. 

Only once the timer begins can they unwrap the straw and pierce the pouch. Fayis took around three and a half seconds to do this, before proceeding to slurp the entire 200 ml of juice in under five seconds.

This challenge has proven to be extremely popular around the world – after we posted André Ortolf’s record-breaking attempt (as seen in the below video) on our social media channels in April, we received over 100 applications from people who thought they could do better.

Fayis has now proven himself as the fastest of them all, however, with new applications coming in every day, his record may yet be broken. With Fayis becoming the first person to break the 10-second barrier, it begs the question: what is the limit to how quickly a Capri Sun can be drunk?


Fastest time to drink a Capri Sun 🥤 10.41 seconds by Andre Ortolf 🇩🇪

♬ original sound - Guinness World Records

We also monitor the record for the fastest time to drink a Capri Sun with a paper straw, which has not been awarded to anyone yet. Record-breaking speed eaters Mike Jack and Leah Shutkever recently attempted to set the record, but both failed due to having too much liquid remaining in their pouches at the end.

Leah formerly held the plastic-straw record before André and Fayis subsequently broke it two times each, and Fayis has broken a couple of Leah’s other records too: in May this year he achieved the fastest time to eat 80 g of watercress with a time of 37.68 seconds, surpassing Leah’s 45.26-second record which had stood since 2020; and last year he achieved the fastest time to eat a banana with no hands with a time of 18 seconds, shaving 2.33 seconds off Leah’s time.

Fayis still holds the watercress record, but the banana record has since been broken by Abdul Salim P. (India), who did it in 17.82 seconds.

Fayis currently holds two other Guinness World Records titles, demonstrating his wide range of talents:

  • Fastest time to peel and eat three clementines – 30.39 seconds
  • Most hula hoop rotations on the arm in one minute – 274

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