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Many of you would have gulped down a Capri Sun on a sunny day before, but could you chug it as quickly as Leah Shutkever (UK)?  

She’s just broken the record for the fastest time to drink a Capri Sun with a time of 15.71 seconds.


Fastest time to drink a Capri Sun 🥤⏱️ 15.71 secs by Leah Shutkever 🇬🇧

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For this attempt, you’re not allowed to touch the Capri Sun until the time starts, and you must use the small orange straw provided on the back of the pouch to slurp up all the juice. 

Leah, despite being a speedeater and multiple Guinness World Records holder, still found this record challenging. 

One of the biggest hurdles was finding the best technique for removing the plastic covering from the straw. 

Leah almost finished capri sun

However, after a few failed attempts, she successfully shaved almost a second off of the previous record held by Declan Evans.

A fellow Brit, Declan broke this record on 27 August 2020 with a time of 16.65 seconds.

This is the latest in a long line of record-breaking achievements for Leah. 

leah shutkever chicken nugget eating

Last year she set herself the task of breaking 20 records in 2020, which she achieved, finishing up the year with the records: 

  • Most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes  - 775.1 grams
  • Fastest time to eat 15 Ferrero Rocher® - 2 min 1.7 sec

She broke these records on the same day to celebrate Guinness World Records Day 2020.

However, she’s decided not to stop at 20 records!

“I would love to attempt this record [fastest time to drink a Capri Sun] to try and reach a new goal of 30 official Guinness World Records! ..I think I may be addicted.” - Leah Shutkever

We’re sure we’ll be seeing lots more records from Leah this year!