S7S Holding his new record title

A man who wants to become the first Arabic competitive eater has created a monster dish.

Hussain Sallam created the largest serving of Sayadieh weighing at 600 kg (1,322.77 lb) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Sayadieh, is a loved Middle Eastern dish that consists of three main ingredients – white fish, rice and onions – but is known for being rich flavour.

largest serving of Sayadieh

Hussain, known as S7S, is a famous influencer and food enthusiast from Saudi Arabia with an ability to eat large amounts of food in one sitting. He wanted to create a large serving of food to highlight his talent. When deciding on a dish to prepare, he chose the Sayadieh to highlight Saudi Arabian traditional food to the world.

Hussain was always into weight training but never dieted well, after moving back to Saudi Arabia from the United States and Canada he decided to take care of his health and diet more to achieve better physical results. At that moment, He discovered his talent.

creating the largest serving of Sayadieh

"When I was at a low body fat my body needed at least one cheat day where I would almost binge eat till I couldn’t anymore," he explained.

"This caused my stomach from the inside to expand and I discovered this new talent of mine where I can eat large amounts of food in one sitting."

Hussain, who is a very successful influencer with over three million YouTube subscribers and over 800,000 followers on Instagram, decided to start his journey into fame after being featured in a couple of videos eating large quantities of food.

He taught himself how to edit and launched videos challenging himself to eating enormous amount of foods.

S7S celebrating his achievements with his fans

Hussain's biggest advice for all his followers is to create a balance in life, as he states: "Of course with a lot of followers comes a lot of responsibility and the most important message I give is there needs to be a balance between a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eating whatever you want.

"In other words, enjoy your food, enjoy your life as long as you make up for it."

Hussain ended by sharing his goal: "In conclusion I would like to be the first Arab food competitor in the world."

The serving was served to the audience and donated to charity for those in need by Saudi Arabia Food Bank