Split image of Gordon Ramsay and Nick DiGiovanni with their record setting beef wellington

Two famous chefs have teamed up to make the largest beef wellington ever – and it’s a whopper!

The mammoth dish was created by Nick DiGiovanni (USA) with the help of Gordon Ramsay (UK) and weighs in at an astonishing 25.76 kg (56.79 lb).

To put that into context for you, the typical beef wellington weighs around 1.42 kg (3.13 lb), whereas this record-breaking one weighs about as much as an eight-year-old boy.

Nick, whose YouTube channel recently hit 10 million subscribers, whipped up the colossal cuisine with the help of a team in Boston, Massachusetts.

He followed Gordon’s personal recipe to create the beef wellington, a dish the Kitchen Nightmares star is famous for.

Offering advice on how to perfect the dish, Gordon told Nick: “First of all we’ve got to get that sear - no colour, no flavour.

“Then that duxelles, then the prosciutto, then the crêpes, and then of course that delicious flaky pastry.”


Chef Nick then got to work slicing prosciutto whilst his friends, Max the Meat Guy, Guga Foods and The Golden Balance, worked on completing other parts of the build.

The meat was bound together using meat glue and cooked sous vide to a perfect medium rare before being wrapped in all the other ingredients and placed inside a huge walk-in oven.

Once the record-breaking wellington was correctly cooked, it was presented to Ramsay who provided a lovely accompanying sauce.

Upon tasting the wellington, Gordon exclaimed: “That is delicious.”

With the tasting over, it was up to Guinness World Records Adjudicator Andrew Glass to provide the official results.


The 25.76 kg weight beat the minimum required and upon hearing the great news, Ramsay spun Andrew around on his shoulders and congratulated Nick on his dish.

This is the eighth record for Nick since he began his collaboration with Guinness World Records in late 2021.

As well as making the largest cake pop and largest roll of sushi, Nick has also set records for the largest donation of turkey in 24 hours and the fastest time to fillet a 10 lb fish – a record previously held by his partner on this task, Ramsay.

He has completed a lot of these with his friend Lynn Davis, commonly known as Lynja, including visiting the most fast food restaurants in 24 hours.

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