We can finish the year with a look at our YouTube Top 10 below.

Oh hey! It’s the month we’re in! Does this make me the Ghost of Christmas Present? We’ve come a long way in our look back at the Year in World Records, but December was no month for sitting on laurels and finishing the year with a limp. Quite the opposite, as this month saw record-breaking feats achieved and inspired by no less distinguished a group than Metallica, Kathy Griffin, the Wright Brothers, and Ron Burgundy himself. So pour yourself a drink and enjoy the finish line to 2013 with us.

One of the biggest and saddest stories of the month was that of the passing of legendary human rights activist and politician Nelson Mandela. The man stood for so much and did so to so many people, including those of us here at GWR.

But December was also a cause for celebration, particularly for Beyonce. Queen Bey employed a marketing plan of no marketing plan at all to release a surprise record-breaking video album on fans almost literally overnight. Who run the world?!

Also celebrating this month were Seattle Seahawks fans, and for good reason. With their team atop the NFC standings, they reclaimed their record for loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium by causing a minor earthquake. No, really.

Looking for something to do while waiting for the Christmas ham to cool down on your plate? Well, why don’t you try your hand at the GWR crossword we created this month to celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the puzzle.

And if you have some free time you want to spend reliving some of the amazing fan-submitted record achievements of the past year, you need look no further than our Fan Choice Record of the Year competition, which has spent all month trying to crown a people’s champ.

AND once the dinner is eaten, the stockings stuffed, the presents unwrapped, the “2014” glitter glasses purchased, and champagne ordered…if you can’t think of the best way to cap off the year in record-breaking, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at our YouTube Top 10 Records for the year that was.

2013 – you were amazing, we’ll miss you, and thanks for everything.

2014 – let’s see what you got!