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Amanda Holden bagged herself a sweet Guinness World Records title as she celebrated Pancake Day in the Heart Breakfast studio.

Watched on by adjudicator Glenn Pollard and her radio show co-host Jamie Theakston at the studio in London, UK, Amanda snapped up the record for fastest time to top 10 pancakes.

This was a new record, and Amanda had to beat a time of 30 seconds to qualify for it, making sure both lemon and sugar were distributed onto all 10 of the sweet treats.

As she prepared for her first of the three attempts she was allowed, the nerves started kicking in.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge admitted: “I’ve got a different type of microphone on and if no one can hear my heartbeat then I’m very surprised because I’ve suddenly become very nervous.”

Confessing lemon and sugar is her favourite pancake topping, she also joked she’d have to refrain from eating them along the way.

After Glenn was satisfied all the criteria was met, Amanda gave it her first go, but only managed to top eight pancakes.

Before her second attempt, she quipped: “I can do it. I did eight last time, but I spent too much time squeezing lemons – I mean that’s just the story of my life.”

amanda holden tops pancakes

While being narrated by Jamie, Amanda had another go and sadly failed again.

But on her third and final time, she smashed it!

Amanda topped all 10 pancakes with lemon and sugar in 29.39 seconds, securing herself the record.

Cheers of delight rang out in the studio as the result was declared.

amanda holden prepares for her record attempt

“Get in,” Amanda squealed, before confidently adding: “I have to say I went back and did some of the pancakes with sugar again so I reckon I could have knocked time off that.”

And the star got even more excited when she found out she’d be included in the next Guinness World Records book.

“Finally, I’ve made it in there,” she said.

Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday in many Christian countries.

amanda holden receives her certificate

It’s the traditional feast day that falls the day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter, is traditionally a time of fasting, with many people giving up something for the time period.

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