split image of cereal box dominoes

Over 34 million Americans – including one in eight children – face hunger every day. Meanwhile, 38% of all food produced in the country is wasted. 

The non-profit organization Move For Hunger have made it their mission to combat these issues, and they recently set a world record to raise awareness of hunger and food wastage in the USA.

At the Detroit Pistons Performance Center, where the local NBA team practise, Move For Hunger broke the record for the most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashion with a total of 12,952.

Their seriously long cereal box setup was over double the size of the previous record, achieved by Long Beach Middle School (USA) in 2021 with a total of 6,391 boxes.

Cereal and milk are some of the most requested items at food banks, which is why Move For Hunger chose to break this particular record.

They donated all the cereal boxes involved in the record attempt – as well as a few thousand more – to two local food banks, along with a gallon of milk for each box.

Tony the tiger toppling dominoes

cereal box dominoes

The record-breaking topple lasted for over five minutes, incorporating an array of different patterns, and even several towers!

It also featured the words ‘Topple Hunger’ spelled out in cereal boxes.

Tony the Tiger, the mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, had the honour of knocking over the first domino.

306 boxes in the arrangement failed to fall down, so they were not counted towards the record.

Another charitable domino-toppling record attempt recently took place in the Philippines, where mattress manufacturer Uratex achieved the record for the largest human mattress dominoes.

All 2,355 mattresses were donated to 55 charities throughout the country.

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