The longest egg noodle (hand-made) measures 183.72 m (602 ft 9 in), and was achieved by Hiroshi Kuroda (Japan) in Minato, Tokyo,

An experienced Japanese chef has given himself the huge challenge of creating the world's longest egg noodle (hand made).

Hiroshi Kuroda's noodle had to be made as a single, continuous item from dough, cooked using only hands with the attempt ending when the noodle breaks. 

In the end the well-known chef produced a noodle measuring an amazing 183.72 m (602 ft 9 in). To give a sense of scale, if you tipped the Washington Monument on its side, Hiroshi's noodle is 14 m longer!

To prevent breakage and help Hiroshi throw the noodle into the wok, the noodle was soaked in sesame oil. When he throws the noodle into the wok, he applies pressure to the noodle in order to elongate it. 

Longest egg noodle Hiroshi

While making it thin and longer increases the chance of cooking up a record-breaking noodle, it runs the risk of the noodle breaking. This balancing act is one of the keys to a successful attempt, and this is where Hiroshi's mastery shines.


Standing in front of a blisteringly hot wok, Hiroshi tossed the noodles for nearly an hour! Once the noodle was cooked, Hiroshi's assistants then cooled the noodle in ice to harden and finally measured.

According to Hiroshi, he was always fascinated with quantifying culinary art. 

Longest egg noodle Hiroshi Kuroda

"The combination of ingredients changes the texture of the dish, the proportion of sauce and the ingredients also affects the taste. Quantifying those balance has always fascinated me because the food is enjoyable when those figures and combinations are in sync. I get great satisfaction in nailing that."


With his fascination of food and figures, it wasn't long before he became interested in attempting Guinness World Records titles. 

"I was frequently asked by customers how long or thin the noodles can be. Those inquiries led me to the idea of measuring noodles. And I realized Guinness World Records manage that type of records also, which led me to attempting some of the records myself."


Hiroshi also has a record for the most noodle portions prepared in three minutes (9), thinnest handmade Chinese noodle (0.22 mm/0.0866 in) and the most noodle strings made in one minute (65,536). Now an expert in breaking food records, he has advice for those who are keen to break a Guinness World Records title.

"I'm sure we all have our own field of strength, both at work and in private. Instead of putting too much efforts on the things you are not good at, focus on your strength and make improvements there. I feel that doing so would bear good results."

Longest egg noodle certificate book

You can find other record-breaking food feats in the brand new Guinness World Records 2020 available worldwide from 5 September.

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