split image of Mattress dominoes

The world record for the largest human mattress dominoes has been toppled by 2,355 people in the Philippines.

The record attempt was organized by mattress manufacturer Uratex in celebration of their 55th anniversary.

Uratex generously donated all the mattresses afterwards to 55 charities throughout the country.

The previous record of 2,019 people was set in Brazil in 2019.

Uratex’s record-breaking number of 2,355 people – comprised of the company’s employees as well as charity representatives – was not randomly decided upon; the first two digits denote the year 2023 and the last two digits signify their 55th anniversary.

Before beginning the record attempt, participants watched a video showing them how to safely fall, before doing two practise runs.

Their first trial run was unsuccessful as some of the mattresses failed to fall over, but after some readjustment, they were ready for their official attempt.

The company’s CEO, Naty Cheng, set off the record-breaking topple, which ended around 20 minutes later with all 2,355 people comfortably laid out on the floor on top of their respective mattresses.

“This one is for the history books; not just for Uratex but for the country as well,” said a company representative after successfully achieving the record.

mattress dominoes falling

mattresses falling

This Guinness World Records title has been broken multiple times over the past 15 years. 

It was first achieved in 2009 by Australia’s Channel Nine with a total of 80 people, before being broken five further times in the same year, including once on the set of BBC children’s show Blue Peter.

Over the following years, the record was broken by mattress manufacturers from all around the world, including countries such as New Zealand, Portugal, China, USA, Sweden, Belgium, and Spain.

By the end of 2012, the record stood at 1,150 people, achieved by German furniture firm Höffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH & Co. This seemingly signalled the end of the mattress-dominoes craze, as the record went unbroken for four years afterwards.

In 2016, Aaron’s Inc. resurrected the record and claimed it with a total of 1,200 topplers. The video of their record attempt (as seen below) remains the most-watched on our YouTube channel to date, with over 111 million views!

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