Let's Make a Deal has been cracking people up since 1963.
The classic CBS gameshow that has been produced in many countries around the world, and is best known for its animated hosts, and costumed audience members, along with giving participants the chance to win big by making a series of deals – at their own risk!
Clever contestants who make savvy deals throughout the program will receive the opportunity to make it to the Big Deal; a prize worth upwards of $20,000.
But those who make the wrong decision receive the infamous “ZONK”: a comical item offered by the show as a consolation prize.
From shopping cart bicycles to bacon ferris wheels, the ZONKs have always been outrageously creative.
But as of yesterday’s episode, ZONKs were taken to an entirely new level – setting a brand new Guinness World Records title.
On a special “foodie” themed episode, featuring delicious desserts and eccentric foods, nothing could prepare dressed-up audience members for the big, record-breaking surprise in the middle of the show.
As taco-dressed contestant Glenn came to make a deal after finishing the game "Which kitchen item is it?", he chose to trade in his $2,000 in cash for a chance to see what was behind the curtain.
While Glenn chose the ZONK prize, he could at least console himself with the fact that he had played a part in the setting of a new record.
Following Glenn's decision, producers wheeled out the world’s Largest bowl of cereal on set – making it the ultimate ZONK of the episode and arguable the show’s history.

Largest bowl of cereal 2

Weighing a massive 3,504 pounds (1,589.4 kg), adjudicator Michael Empric joined sensational comedian and host Wayne Brady on stage to formally present the show with an official Guinness World Records certificate.
In order to achieve the title, adjudicator Michael Empric verified that the bowl not only met the proper measurements but was filled with corn flakes and milk.
With a roaring crowd, audience members clearly enjoyed seeing a new record that was in keeping with the show’s hilarious nature, and even got a few bowls of cereal to chow on!
The remaining contents of the cereal bowl, which were filled with organic granola and milk, were donated to a local mission for the homeless.
Following confirmation of the record, the show's executive producer Mike Richards said, “We are so excited to have achieved a Guinness World Record!  We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a game show, so it makes us incredibly proud to have this globally-recognised honour. The fact that we also happen to love cereal makes it all the more sweet!”
To watch the entertaining episode, click below!