Football freestyler BMX trick and man walking on hands

Today (17 November 2021) marks the eighteenth annual Guinness World Records Day.

Guinness World Records (GWR) Day is an annual celebration of record-breaking where all are encouraged to show off their super skills. 

There have already been loads of records broken in celebration of the day, from breakdancing to epic backflips.

Take a trip around the world with us and see some of these awesome records in action!

Want to find out more? Here's a list of some of the incredible records that have been achieved so far:


Farthest backflip between two horizontal bars: 6 m (19 ft 68 in) by Ashley Watson 🇬🇧 ##GWRday##recordsday

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Farthest backflip between horizontal bars 

This jaw-dropping record was broken in Leeds, UK, by gymnast Ashley Watson.

He already held this record with an impressive distance of 5.87 m (19 ft 3.1 in), but set his sights on breaking the record again for GWR Day.

After months of training, he managed a new distance 6.00 m (19 ft 68 in).

Read more about Ash's daring record attempt here.

Most sit-down football crossovers in 30 seconds (female) 

Venezuelan football freestyler Laura Biondo has broken not one, but two records for GWR Day.  

  • Most sit-down football crossovers in 30 seconds (female) - 62
  • Most double around the world ball control tricks in one minute (female) - 24

This builds on the list of 11 record-breaking accolades Laura already had to her name, including the most football touches with the feet on a treadmill in one minute (170).

Read more about her attempts here.


Fastest time to pull a car 50m walking on hands: 1 min 13.27 secs by Zhang Shuang 🇨🇳 ##GWRday

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Fastest time to pull a car 50 metres walking on hands

In China, Zhang Shuang had to hone his handstand skills to attempt this record!

Zhang, who weighs 70 kg, pulled a Morris Garages (MG) ZS model which weighs 1.35 tons, all while walking on his hands. 

He managed to pass the 50 metre mark in just 1 min 13.27 sec in Nanchong, Sichuan.

Zhang does exercise involving walking on his hands everyday.

He is a PE teacher at a primary school and often shows off his tricks to his students.

Takahiro Ikeda with his three guinness world records titles

Most BMX time machines in 30 seconds

Takahiro Ikeda (Japan) followed Laura Biondo's lead and decided to break multiple records for GWR Day, three to be exact.

Those records were:

  • Most BMX Stick B in 30 seconds: 37 
  • Most BMX time machines in 30 seconds: 45 
  • BMX - Most turbine megaspins in one minute: 45 

This brings his total to four, as he also holds has the record for the most gyrator spins in one minute (59). 

In addition to his record titles, Takahiro has performed his tricks around the world with Cirque du Soleil and was the 2016 iBMXff World Championship runner-up. 


Most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick: 5 by @pogotyler of @xpogo ##GWRday##RecordsDay

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Most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick

Tyler "TPhil" Phillips (USA) pogoed between five London black cabs in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, UK, to achieve this record.

The five cabs were spaced c.280 cm apart, giving Tyler enough room to land a jump between each one, finishing his last leap with a flourishing front flip.

The record to beat was four, as held by Tyler's friend Dalton Smith, who, like Tyler, is a member of the US extreme pogo stunt group, XPogo.

Tyler used a pneumatic, air-powered hollow-shaft pogostick manufactured by the US company Vertigo, pumped to a pressure of 75 psi.

Read more about his record attempt here.

Ayoub Touabe performing backflip

Most single leg backward somersaults in 30 seconds

Ayoub Touabe (Morocco) has supreme somersault skills. 

Not only can he do them quickly, but he can do them backwards and while standing on one leg!

Ayoub put his technique to the test in Doha, Qatar, to see how many of these tricky moves he could do in 30 seconds. 

He completed an amazing total of 12, achieving the record.

most consecutive air flare

Most consecutive breakdance air flares

This record was achieved by b-boy Wang Guanwutong (China) in Fuqing, Fujian, China.

He first achieved the record for most consecutive breakdance air flares (male) in 2018 with a total of 55 air flares, but now, at 11 years old, wanted to challenge himself to see if he could better his total. 

It was a tense start as Wang failed at his first attempt with 3 air flares less than the minimum requirement, but he went on to achieve a record-breaking total of 94.

But Wang wasn't the only one attempting this breakdance record. 

Qi Yufan (China) also broke the record for the most consecutive breakdance air flares (female).

The 7-year-old, who has been studying hip hop dance since she was 4, managed an incredible 121 air flares.

Farthest basketball shot hit from the ground with the hand

Iranian athlete Alireza Sadeghi Barzani is known for his epic sporting skills while using crutches.

He exhibited his skills for GWR Day and attempted the record for the farthest basketball shot hit from the floor with the hand, achieving a remarkable distance of 15 m (49 ft 2.5 in) in Dubai, UAE.

Stay updated on all the action unfolding on social media using the hashtag #GWRday