Laura Biondo performing football freestyle trick and standing with her GWR certificates

For many people, breaking a Guinness World Records title would be a once in a lifetime achievement.

Not for Laura Biondo.

The Venezuelan football freestyler has broken 11 record titles, so what better way to celebrate GWR Day 2021 than to add a few more to the list!

Laura is now the official record holder for:

  • Most sit-down football crossovers in 30 seconds (female) - 62
  • Most double around the world ball control tricks in one minute (female) - 24

For the most sit-down football crossovers title, not only did Laura need to show off her juggling abilities, but she also had to control of the rest of the body as the guidelines require that both hands remain on the ground throughout the full attempt.

Laura Biondo performing double around the world ball tricks

Next up, the most double around the world ball control tricks.

This attempt again proves that one of Laura’s super skills is juggling as even though she needed to get her foot around the ball, or "around the world", twice before the ball landed on that same foot again, she was able to keep control.

Laura makes freestyling look easy, but the record holder has been sharpening her skills since she was first introduced to the sport through her brother over a decade ago. 

Laura Biondo performing sit down football crossovers

In her 12 years as a professional freestyler, she has achieved multiple international titles and is the only non-European woman to win the world championships. Laura says she is proud to represent Venezuela, Latin America, and the entire American region and bring attention to the freestyling talent there.

As for record-breaking, Laura keeps attempting new titles to challenge herself and stay motivated.  She now has a total of 13 titles, which she says feels "overwhelming".

Laura Biondo standing with her two guinness world records certificates

It was a childhood dream to be a part of the Guinness World Records family and when asked what it means to be a part of GWR Day 2021, she sums it up as being a "complete honor".

So, what’s next for Laura? She has her eye on achieving a total of 15 titles… at least! 

The record holder hopes seeing her rack up GWR titles inspires others, especially women and girls. 

"If you set yourself a goal," Laura says, "you can definitely achieve it if you put hard work into it".