To celebrate GWR Day, Tyler Phillips, also known as Pogotyler (Florida, US) smashed the record for most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogostick by bouncing over five black London cabs.

The iconic Olympic Park in London, UK served as the perfect backdrop for this adrenaline-filled attempt. 

Standing at nearly 2m tall and 1.6m wide, the five electric London cabs made for challenging hurdles.

This wasn't an issue for pro-pogoer Tyler, though, who bounced above the five cabs and jumped the last one with a stunning backflip.

tyler jumping over cabs with the stadium in the back

True to this year’s GWR Day theme, super skills, the US pogo jumper offered a whole, jaw-dropping show to the Guinness World Records crew on-site by jumping, doing backflips and striking incredible poses mid-air. 

The unmistakable black cabs and the red structure of the Orbit in the background added a pinch of unique, London flavour to an already spectacular attempt, with Tyler standing out against the clear autumn sky. 

"To practice, I set up pogo sticks figuring out the width of a car. I’d have multiple. It felt so weird and that had me a little nervous, but as soon as I got here and I was doing the cars, it just felt easier. Training for this record was way harder than actually doing it." – Tyler Phillips

Tyler is part of the US XPOGO Team, where he’s known for his "crisp" pogo style.

Already passionate about skateboarding, the 21-year-old has been pogoing for more than ten years and now is a record-breaking star!

Tyler doing a backflip over a cab

With a whopping 220.7K followers on TikTok, he’s also the most followed pogoer on the platform. 

"It took a long time to train for this record," Tyler explained, adding that he never trained with more than one car before today. 

Trying to mentally picture a car and going over the record in his head proved to be more difficult than seeing the five cabs and being able to snatch the record, which he nailed on his first try.

tyler doing a backflip over two cabs

And, if you are wondering what crossed Tyler’s mind during the attempt, the answer is: nothing! He tried not to overthink anything, just keeping focused on what he knows how to do.

"I was trying not to think about it at all," Tyler explained after the attempt. 

"While I was warming up and practising, I was trying not to think about it and to stay out of my head. But once we lined out all five of the cars, I just turned my brain off."

By jumping over the incredible number of five cars, Tyler has broken the record previously set by fellow member of XPogo, Dalton Smith.

In 2019, Dalton achieved the record for most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick by leaping over four cars on the set of Live! with Kelly and Ryan in New York, USA.

Dalton, unfortunately, broke his ankle two weeks before the 2021 attempt, and Tyler stepped in and accepted the challenge in his place.

tyler posing while jumping with orbit in the background

"It was an absolute thrill to watch Tyler in action – the height he can reach and the skill and dexterity needed to achieve this record is immense. This year on Guinness World Records Day we have been astounded by the incredible talent and strength from our new Guinness World Records title holders." - Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief of Guinness World Records 

But jumping over five cabs lined up is not enough for Tyler: his mind is already set on adding more cars to jump over!

Tyler also declared that he's looking forward to trying more pogo-focused attempts in the future, like the highest jump on a pogo stick, so there may be more certificates on the horizon. 

tyler with craig and certificate

"I would love to try this again but with more cars." - Tyler Phillips 

GWR Day commemorates the day Guinness World Records became the best-selling copyright book of all time. 

Over time, it became a global celebration of amazing people and extraordinary achievements.

On the occasion of the eighteenth annual GWR Day, Tyler Phillips exhibited preparation, dexterity and an incredible attitude by smashing a record that, indeed, required some super skills. 

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