Venezuelan soccer star Laura Biondo is kicking It up a notch with her latest record attempt.

The multi-record holder just recently completed an impressive title for most football touches with the feet on a treadmill in one minute with a total of 170.

The movement is quite difficult in the freestyle world, as it requires the athlete to keep track of the ball while also moving swiftly on the treadmill.

Laura first got her start in football at the age of 10 and quickly improved her skills to become record worthy.


Early in her soccer career, she decided to focus more on freestyle football, which celebrates different tricks players can perform with the ball.

The sport dates back to the 1980s when Argentina’s Diego Maradona started doing tricks with the ball as part of his warmup routine.

It gained momentum in the 1990s and in the mid-2000s and is now widely recognized by footballers all over the world.


This isn’t Laura’s first freestyle football record attempt however, her first attempts date back to 2013!

She currently holds records for:

  • Most football touches with the head in one minute by a female – 206 
  • Most football touches with the shin in one minute by a female – 105 
  • Most football (soccer) "clipper" tricks performed in one minute (female) - 33 
  • Most “around the world” ball control tricks in one minute by a female – 63 

One of most extraordinary parts of Laura’s background is that she is not just a freestyle record holder, but also exhibits many other talents.

In fact, she has performed as an artist in the Cirque de Soleil show “Luzia” as their first ever freestyle entertainer.

She also is very passionate about health and nutrition, speaks four languages including Spanish, English, Italian, and French. 

Laura has used the work she has done in her soccer career such as playing in Italian pro leagues to fuel her future passion projects.


Now at 31, she has joined the World Freestyle Football Association as the chief administrator for the women’s division and will be leading the development of female competitors.

Her personal ambition is to grow female presence and participation in the sport of freestyling football.