A record-breaking 182,513 households played along with the Virtual Pub Quiz on Thursday 30 April 2020 to set a new Guinness World Records title for most viewers of a quiz YouTube live stream.

Experienced local pub quiz host, Jay Flynn (UK), started the Virtual Pub Quiz to entertain friends and locals during the UK's COVID-19 lockdown.

Expecting around 30 people to take part, he was stunned to reach an audience far bigger than could fit in his local pub!

Dame Judy Dench has even played along with her Grandson when he asked a question on the quiz.


Asking viewers to contribute to a JustGiving page Jay has also used the quiz to raise just under £170k for NHS Charities Together.

During the record-breaking quiz, players answered questions including:

  1. What is the highest number used in a standard Sudoku?
  2. Where does Gin get its predominant flavour from?
  3. How many players on a standard volleyball team?

(Find the answers at the end of the article!)

If you want to play along, Jay streams live from the Virtual Pub Quiz YouTube channel every Thursday and Saturday night from 20:15BST.

There are even specialist rounds available to play from 10:30BST every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.

This is not just for myself for hosting the quiz and the work that has gone into it. But for the players and families who have come together and also the NHS who so far I have raised nearly £100k for. - Jay Flynn

A Guinness World Records title isn’t the only accolade Jay has received for this initiative.


He has also been recognised as the UK's 1372nd Point of Light honouree by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Every day the Prime Minister awards an outstanding volunteer for their inspirational service as a 'Point of Light'.

We hope Jay continues to lift spirits with his, now record-breaking, Virtual Pub Quiz!

Answers: 1 - 9,  2 - Juniper berries, 3 - 6