TikTok star and well-known internet personality Zach King (USA) has officially been confirmed for having the most followers on TikTok (male) thanks to his incredibly popular fan base.  

With over 58.2+ million followers on the platform alone, this adds another successful social media channel to his list across YouTube, Instagram, and former platform Vine.  


Collectively, Zach has over 92+ million followers across all of his platforms.  

Having entertaining charisma and energy across his channel creations is just the tip of the iceberg for the seasoned content creator.  

His passions for filmmaking and illusionary magic are described by others in the industry as “striking”, based on the way he seamlessly weaves these elements into all of his videos.  


Who likes Orange Juice? 🍊 ##lifehack##magic##springdiy

♬ original sound - Zach King

It’s not uncommon for Zach to earn millions of views on his videos. Since January, his TikTok edits have each earned a range of 5.8 million – 149 million views!  

With no cuts or obvious edits, most of his transitions and concepts truly make the Los Angeles-based editor look like a master of magic.  

Occasionally, he produces clips that shows users how he orchestrates such elaborately clever edits, but even with the breakdown, it still appears to be an act of illusion!  


The camera work was the most difficult part of this video since we had to avoid seeing the cameragirls reflection in the mirror ##behindthescenes

♬ original sound - Zach King

While Zach began his TikTok account early on when the platform first launched, he has actually been crafting videos for just over a decade. 

After seeing his blatant success across a number of well-known social media channels, it’s shocking to know that Zach was actually rejected to his choice of film program from the Biola University when he first decided to pursue content making.  

However, the offset didn’t deter him from pursuing his passions. Instead, he enrolled in the school to take general classes, and began his first YouTube Channel “Final Cut King” in 2009 which was purely dedicated to editing tutorials and tips using Final Cut Pro.  

Success for Zach has definitely skyrocketed since his first video – which initially received no views at all.  

Now one of his most circulated videos has 2.1 Billion views, and consists of the filmmaker magically riding on a broomstick. 


They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. 🧹##illusion##magic##harrypotter

♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick - Zach King
“The most difficult part about growing a channel is hitting your first 100k subscribers. There was never a period that I doubted that my channels would be successful, but I also definitely never predicted they would get this big.” 

And despite not being able to monetize his channel due to the early days of the platform, he persisted until he developed an interested community of followers in his work, which eventually became a large stepping stone for his career.  

In recalling the first moment that his video hit high traffic – Zach attributes it to one video in particular.  

“The video that I always come back to is ‘Jedi Kittens’. It was my first viral video and it was wild because it was an overnight success. I remember pulling an all-nighter to film and edit it with my friend, Aaron, and it got millions of views the next day. That video and experience will always be special to me.”  

When Vine launched in 2012, it became a pivotal moment for Zach’s career as the six-second video platform allowed him to break into storytelling with his clips. 

The challenge of communicating an idea in such a limited timeframe may be daunting to some – but the ambitious editor was Inspired, as this form of content creation allowed him to not only star in his own videos, but also utilize his childhood fascination with magic to create some stunning visuals for his online audience.   


Naturally, all of the foundational elements of his other video channels carried over onto TikTok where Zach now boasts 713 million likes across his content and has now broken a record for his overwhelming success.  

His bio reads “Bringing a little more wonder into the world, 15 seconds at a time”, and he certainly does.  

“I never set out to break a record, so it’s a pleasant surprise. It is such a blessing because it validates some of the work my team and I have been doing. I always dreamed of being able to entertain a large audience through my work, and having a Guinness World Records title connected to that is a great feeling!”  

Although Zach has achieved so much in the last decade, this is just the beginning for the many projects ahead for the TikTok sensation and his team. 

He actually just received his YouTube Diamond Play Button, a milestone award given to creators for hitting 10 million subscribers.   


How I got my ##YouTube Diamond Play Button. 💎 Thanks for being apart of my filmmaking journey, love all of you!

♬ original sound - Zach King

Nonetheless, Zach still hopes to stay true to his roots wherever his career may take him.  

“I hope that my team and I will still be following our curiosity. We just want to be telling surprising stories for a large audience, no matter what the platform is.” 

For anyone who is looking to follow their own dreams, Zach shares one piece advice that helped him get to where he is today: 

“Just start creating. Don’t worry about making everything perfect. As you refine your craft, you will also develop your own twist on the world and find the harmony between what you love making and where people want to watch it.”