Well-known YouTubers Los Polinesios have been dedicated to inspiring people and promoting family unity through their videos since 2012. 

The three siblings, Ana Karen, Rafael and Lesslie Velázquez from Mexico City, Mexico are the owners of five YouTube channels, three of which include: "Los Polinesios", "Extra Polinesios" and "Musas". 

Each one has officially surpassed the 10 million subscribers mark, turning these siblings into official Guinness World Records title holders for the most YouTube Diamond Play buttons earned by family members as of June 24, 2020. This is only the second family to have ever accomplished this feat.

For any YouTuber, achieving the Diamond Button is a remarkable milestone, as it signifies is a reaching a follower count of over 10 million subscribers.

Most YouTube Diamond Play buttons earned by family members__

Now that they have reached this accolade, they can now appreciate the success that their content has reaped. 

The popular channel of “Los Polinesios” began nine years ago the brothers posted a video on the internet of one of their family jokes. 

From that moment on their life changed since they never anticipated that documenting a fun household moment would eventually turn them into social media stars. 

"We started this journey on YouTube and right now we are on all social networks with more than 10 million followers.”. 

The name of the trio came from their great-grandfather, a Biologist who lived for a time in the Polynesian Islands. 

After his return to Mexico, he used to mention several phrases such as: "I am going to teach you how to do this in the Polynesian style ...", “That’s how Polynesians dance…”, “This is a Polynesian talk and you can’t know about it. Because only Polynesians can understand this…”. 

This is how the channel “Platica Polinesia" was born, a family channel that people who are familiar Polynesian culture would understand. 

From their beginnings and until today, the great chemistry and spontaneity between these brothers has led them to success. 

Among all channels, they feature all different forms of content: from jokes and challenges, to travel journeys and cooking recipes. 

Each one is targeted to an audience ranging from children to adults of 60 years and over. 

Their work is a full-time job and they organize their schedule to have a weekly video on each YouTube channel. 

This Guinness World Records title marks the celebration of “Día Internacional Los Polinesios” or International Day of Los Polinesios (July 16) as the day in which Rafa, Karen and Lesslie uploaded their first video to YouTube. 

Typically, on this day, “Los Polinesios” like to celebrate by surprising their fans – making this year’s record announcement one of the biggest surprises of them all.

Most YouTube Diamond Play buttons earned by family members___

Last year, they celebrated this day with the release of their second song: Gracias. 

“Los Polinesios “are aware of the great responsibility that comes with developing content for digital platforms, as well as the importance of distributing positive messages through them. 

For this trio of brothers, this record supports their mission of sharing these uplifting themes across the world. 

"We never imagined breaking a world record and achieving a Guinness World Records title and now it's real. Thank you very much, this is incredible! This is because of all of those who have accompanied us during these nine years and it’s a reflection of all the effort, love, and passion of our audience." 

From the very first stages of their content creating, the brothers have always been diligent about reminding their followers to believe in themselves, inspire others, and to follow their dreams. "This is an example of how you can achieve dreams. If you are willing to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, you will see that you can achieve your dreams with a lot of passion and a lot of love." 

Raquel Assis, Senior Records Manager of Guinness World Records Latin America, said: “Since 2012, you have seen the world with different eyes when you began creating content for YouTube, and during this challenging journey five channels emerged, from which three have reached the 10 million subscribers benchmark, as verified on 24 June 2020: ‘Los Polinesios', 'Extra Polinesios' and 'Musas'. Here we are turning the amazing into official. Congratulations, you are Officially Amazing!”