Many may know Charles Trippy (USA) as “CTFxC”, the YouTuber who has been creating vlog posts since 2006. 

Able to boast 753,229,087 views on his channel, and a remarkable 1,489,930 subscribers (as of 3 October 2017), Charles - with valuable input from his wife, Allie - has become a veteran of the social media platform. 

In 2009 Charles began recording and posting videos every day, which secured him the record for Most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on YouTube in 2013. 

Since that time, he has continued his winning streak, streak – supported by Allie since 2014 – and as of 14 September 2017 had established a new record of 3,057 consecutive videos on his vlog "Internet Killed TV". 

He posted on Twitter celebrating their incredible achievement: 

Charles, who is also a well-known performer with rock band We The Kings, was initially inspired to pursue his longstanding record title after locating a copy of a Guinness World Records book from 1973. 

Upon bettering his current record title, which has stood for four years, Charles commented:

“Ever since I was a kid and I found my parents' 1973 copy of Guinness World Records I thought it would be the coolest thing to break a record… let alone CREATE an all-new record all together! The coolest thing about this record is that it isn’t just my wife and I… it’s the millions of people who watch the channel and have supported me through 12+ years of creating videos online!”