first YouTube channel to surpass 100 million subscribers

India's T-Series, a profile which hosts music videos and movie trailers from the region, has made history for becoming the first YouTube channel to surpass 100 million subscribers on the platform.

This achievement beats record holder PewDiePie, a Swedish videogames reviewer known for his popularity and comedy sketches on the video site, as well as being the first YouTuber to reach 50 million subscribers.

The record has just been recently given to T-Series after the channel, which was founded in 2006, saw rapid growth in recent years. As India's largest record label, the Delhi-based company are well placed to host some of the countries biggest music stars and smash hit Bollywood soundtracks.

T-Series was founded in 1983 by Gulshan Kumar who wanted to begin producing music. Originally a fruit juice seller in Dehli, India, Kumar worked until the company's first big break in 1988, when Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak became one of the best-selling music albums of the decade in the subcontinent. 

Success continued with several more 20 million+ selling albums. Today, T-Series' YouTube team consists of 13 people who curate content in several languages. The channel has amassed its last 50 million subscribers in less than a year, most recently boosted with viral hits by the likes of singer Guru Randhawa and soundtrack highlights from action movie Simmba.

Fans who didn’t want PewDiePie’s record broken have campaigned to boost his numbers, creating a battle between two channels for this particular landmark on YouTube. At one point in March 2019, both had surpassed 90 million subscribers within hours of one another, as the coveted record for most subscribers on YouTube rapidly changed hands on several occasions throughout the year.

Although T-series first record ever takes the achievement away from Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, he still holds several other impressive Guinness World Records titles.

In March 2015, he became the highest-earning gaming contributor to YouTube, with annual earnings of $1.2 million to $18.9 million; a mean average of $10.05 million.

Later that same year in September, he accomplished a major YouTube landmark for being the first YouTube channel to surpass 10 billion views, and this January he earned the record for having the most subscribers for a comedy channel on YouTube.

Stay tuned to see if the channel breaks any more YouTube records in the near future.