Most instagram followers for a cat

She’s fluffy, she’s adorable, and she is Instagram’s most popular feline – say hello to Nala Cat, the Siamese-Persian mix whose success story is nearly “purrfect”.

Those who know Nala might recognize her from her brilliant blue eyes and characteristic faces. After all, she is in the Guinness World Records 2020 book for having the most followers on Instagram for a cat.

But while Nala boasts 4,323,973 followers on the platform (and counting), she wasn’t always insta-famous.

Most instagram followers for a cat 2

Like many animals across the United States, her story began in a pet shelter in California, where her owner Pookie adopted her back in 2011.

“It wasn’t until she was adopted and cared for, that she became the lovable cat she is today. Even though I never really intended to adopt a kitten that day, when I saw her, I just knew it was meant to be.”

Pookie began Nala’s renowned account to share with friends and family, but she never dreamed it would get the amount of attention that it does today.

After nurturing her original followers, interacting with fans, and developing Nala’s persona on her profile – it is now one of the most thriving pet accounts in the social media world and has led Nala to have opportunities such as having her own pet food line and writing a book.

So how did Nala go from shelter cat to Guinness World Records title holder? We sat down with her owners to learn more about her journey and get their advice for building and maintaining a title holding pet Instagram.

How does it feel to know your cat has a record title?

It still feels like a dream!

How did it feel seeing Nala Cat in the 2020 book?

Seeing Nala in the 2020 book overwhelmed us with excitement and joy. It was a childhood dream coming to reality. Anything is possible!

How has being a Guinness World Records title holder changed Nala’s life?

The Guinness World Records title changed Nala’s life in so many ways! First, she’s officially amazing and that comes with bragging rights! She displays her record proudly at home and we’ve been asked to bring the record with us to interviews. To date, this is the biggest achievement we’ve made. 

What comes to mind when you think of “Guinness World Records”?

When I think of Guinness World Records, I think of people setting goals and dedicating their lives to achieve something that has never been done. The certificate represents your time, heart, focus, and everything else you put into achieving your goal. 

How has Nala personally affected you and your family?

Nala is our symbol of hope, love and happiness. When we adopted her, we didn’t realize that she’d be the one saving us. The selfless act of rescuing her from the shelter has brought our family so many blessings that we will forever be grateful for. Nala taught us to be better people and because of her, we will dedicate our lives to help animals in need.

What is the most important piece of advice that you have for someone trying to grow their social media following?

The most important thing to achieve when growing your social media following is to always be authentic, consistent, and have fun! Remember to leave a positive digital footprint and that will help you to build a tightly woven community that trusts you.

Can you give us tips and tricks to maintaining follower growth? 

Nala’s Top 5 tips and tricks to maintain follower growth: 

  1. Create high-quality content that encourages people to like and comment. The more engagement you get, the better the algorithm will treat your post.
  2. Use hashtags! Create hashtags that relate to your content and include hashtags that are trending. This will make your post more visible and reach a new audience. 
  3. Reply to your comments and build relationships with your following. Everyone appreciates a sense of community. 
  4. Be active! Follow, like, and comment on other accounts that you love. This will bring more awareness back to your account. 
  5. Study your posts via the Instagram insights to see what time of day is best for you to post.
Most instagram followers for a cat 2