It’s now six years since digital media website Mashable celebrated their first impromptu holiday in honour of Social Media. Highlighting the way online social platforms impacted our society for the better,  the hashtag #SMDay took off.
To mark the occasion, below we’ve picked ten world records attained by outstanding performances of social media. 
First computerised social network  
The first computer social network actually began in Berkeley California, 1973 - long ago, before the days of Facebook, Google Plus, and dare we say it…. MySpace! Called the Community Memory Project, its aim was to allow visitors to read and leave messages left by others in the record shop it was connected to. Essentially, it was the first computerised bulletin board system. 
First Vine video from space 
Here’s an achievement that’s quite literally out of this  world. Back in 2014, NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman was the first person to record a Vine video clip 250 miles above the Earth’s surface. From the International Space Station, he documented the sun and earth in a single orbit, giving us raw footage of our universe.  
Most popular emoji (current)
According to a collaborative study between Oxford Dictionaries and mobile tech company SwiftKey, the most used emoji in 2015 was "Face with Tears of Joy" (aka LOL Emoji or Laughing Emoji), comprising 20% of all emoji sent in the UK and 17% of those used in the USA throughout the year. Oxford Dictionaries also declared it as 2015's Word of the Year, the first time that a pictograph has ever received this title.
Most followers on Instagram for an athlete 

Messi? Tom Brady? Lebron James? No, the winner of this world record title goes to Real Madrid football star Cristiano Ronaldo. As of January this year, the Portuguese player won the title with 44,009,207 followers, but we’re sure he’s racking up more. Overall, he is actually the 10th most-followed person on the entire app. Goal! 

First social network game to benefit the environment
Here’s a record that illustrates how social media can improve current world issues. Ecotopia fused going green and the internet to offer in-game rewards for recycling and composting in the real world in an effort to help our environment. No kind act of nature, no prize! 
First YouTube channel to surpass 10 billion views

The first channel to surpass 10 billion views is Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. Gamer-turned-comedian, his most notable videos are titled “Let’s Play” in which he teaches viewers how to accomplish different video game challenges.
Most used hashtag on Twitter in 24 hours
No, it’s not #RoyalWedding. It’s actually #AlDubEBTamangPanahon! You think with that many letters, it would take up 140 characters of a tweet- but nonetheless, the hashtag was used 40,706,392 times, when a celebrity couple (AlDub) appeared on a Filipino show called “Eat Bulaga!”. 
Most subscribers for a food/cooking channel on YouTube 
We all love food, but who has the prime cooking channel on YouTube? If you aren’t already one of their subscribers, check out Epic Meal Time, known for high-calorie, insanely strange edible creations. Just make sure you’re not a diet while watching these videos. 

Most popular social networking game 
Most social media users might assume hugely popular animal rearing game Farmville takes this title, CityVille (Zynga 2010) beat out the rural game with 290,000 players on its launch day. Eventually the population grew to be 84.2 million monthly players; seems like users got sick of cows and wanted to trade in a barn for skyscrapers. 
First tweet 
Twitter was originally developed by founder Jack Dorsey (USA) as a means of microblogging. In 2006, the first tweet went out at 9:50 PM by Dorsey stating: “just setting up my twittr”.