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The release of smash hit film Avengers: Infinity War has caused plenty of excitement amongst superhero fans, but none more-so than Canadian, Rick Scolamiero.

Having decorated the majority of his body with 31 figures from the comic book universe, the 36-year-old now holds the title for Most Marvel comic book characters tattooed on the body.

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The Canadian received his first tattoo back in 2011, his first character being Spider-Man.

Initially he had the goal of getting a sleeve of his favourite Marvel heroes and villains, but after seeing the final work of his tattoo artist, he was eager to get more.

"I fell in love with the artist’s work and wanted to continue to see what else we could come up with regarding tattoos. I have been a Marvel comic lover since I was small and growing up we didn’t have much but I always had my Marvel comics and Marvel trading cards. They actually got me through some tough times so the idea of having them on my body forever just really appealed to me."

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Currently Rick's Marvel tattoos consist of:

  1. Mystique - neck
  2. Galactus - left shoulder, top
  3. Silver Surfer - left tricep
  4. Phoenix - left inner bicep
  5. Wolverine - left inner forearm
  6. Spider-Man - left outer forearm
  7. Black Widow - left abdomen 
  8. Spider-Man 2099 - left buttock
  9. Doc Octopus - left hip
  10. Mary Jane - left outer quadricep
  11. Black Cat - left inner quadricep
  12. Gwen Stacy - left upper hamstring
  13. Green Goblin - left lower hamstring
  14. Venom - left knee
  15. Groot - left inner calf
  16. Rocket - left inner calf
  17. Gamora - left back calf
  18. Star Lord - left outer calf
  19. Drax - left outer calf
  20. Daredevil - left inside ankle
  21. Deadpool - right inside ankle
  22. Red Skull - right inside calf
  23. Captain America - right inside calf
  24. Loki - right outer calf
  25. Thor - right outer calf
  26. Iron Man - right outer quadricep
  27. Fin Fang Foom - right quadricep
  28. Hulk - right inner quadricep
  29. Thanos - right hamstring
  30. Ultron - right hip
  31. Vision - right buttock

He was also lucky enough to meet famed Marvel comic artist and record holder, Stan Lee, who signed Rick’s wrist after their encounter.

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Naturally, the passionate fan got Stan’s autograph tattooed on that very spot to commemorate the occasion.
In order to get his final look, Rick needed to commit to several six-hour tattoo sessions, which were at some points painful.

"If I had to choose which one was the most painful I’d have to say the inside of my thigh where I have Hulk on my inner right thigh and Black Cat on my inner left thigh. It’s all pretty manageable though and I’ve been told I sit pretty well, I just try to look past the pain and think about what the finished product will be!"

It seems as though his strategy has worked however, as Rick has been getting tattooed once a month for the past seven years – totalling about 350 hours of work.

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Now many people stop him to admire the finished canvas, all interested to know the story behind the tattoos, which were completed by artist Tony Sklepic of Sanitarium Studios in Edmonton, Canada.

"I get asked all the time if I’m going to regret my tattoos when I’m older and the only response I have is that I believe when I’m older I’m going to regret the things I didn’t do - not the things I was brave enough to do."

Although Rick doesn’t have any more plans to add to his collection of comic book ink, he is thrilled to be a Guinness World Records title holder for something he loves.

zMost Marvel tattoos on the body

"It feels amazing and surreal, I still can’t believe it! I grew up collecting and reading Guinness World Records books and I never thought I’d ever be a part of it! I’m honoured and very proud of the accomplishment."

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