When it comes to ink, Krzysztof Barnas can’t get enough. 
Sporting a Mohawk and elaborate tattoo sleeves, the 29-year-old tattoo artist picked up a tattoo gun and stayed awake for over 2 days to complete the record for Longest tattoo session (multiple people) during the successful attempt in Perth, Australia.
Starting on July 3, the exact time it took Krzysztof to achieve this feat was 56 hours and 30 minutes; an incredible time frame for a job that requires so much precision. 
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Over the course of the marathon session, which took place at Krzysztof's workplace Modern Ink Fremantle, he finished 11 different tattoos, ranging in colours, animals, and characters- even featuring Chunk, a character from the movie “Goonies”. 
Krzysztof was only allotted 5 minutes after every hour to rest through the duration of the event. In preparation for the length of the session, he relied on a good night’s rest, a hefty amount of coffee, and a solid meal to get him through the record attempt. 
With focus, the determined artist beat the previous record by six hours. 
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As hard core as his motives were, Krzysztof heart was still in the right place. He decided to have his clients donate an amount of their choice to his chosen charity, CanTeen, in exchange for being part of the record attempt. 
The organisation the tattoo artist chose supports young adults struggling with cancer. Krzysztof was inspired to help the foundation after losing his father to cancer three years ago. He felt using his passion and profession was an extraordinary way to spread awareness while honouring those diagnosed with the illness. 
After a long two days, Krzysztof performed a good deed while earning himself an fascinating new record title.