Julian Castillo was told by his own art class that crafting a mural using just pencils was impossible - but he's proved them wrong by creating the Largest pencil drawn mural.

Largest pencil sketch mural 3

While no one seemed to have confidence in his abilities, the 24-year-old never failed to believe in himself.

Largest pencil sketch mural

It was this doubt that motivated the Colombian artist to spread his talent across 84.86 m² (913 ft² 61 in²) of wall in Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, to earn his Guinness World Records title.

Julian wasn’t always interested in art, so this ambition was quite the mission to take on.

Largest pencil sketch mural 2

The teacher had previously been studying agriculture production, but realised after several years he had a passion for the arts and sought out to become a tattoo artist.

Thus, he began a 48-day project titled La Realidad Absoluta, which translates to Absolute Reality.

Largest pencil sketch mural 6

The idea behind his image is to show that although others may be different from one another, we can adjust the human perspective to see eye to eye.

Although Julian began the illustration alone, his students and others in the community of Roldanillo came out to help him finish the massive piece upon seeing his intense commitment.

After going through 1,200 pencils, and sketching despite blisters and intense heat, the team of artists now have a detailed canvas exemplifying their hard work.

Largest pencil sketch mural 5